Druidic Dreams (a poem)

Brian Smith

This is a poem I wrote...wandering through the bizarre landscape that is my mind and soul. (Written September 1998)


Amy Chambers

I got the idea for this from a ghost story I read. It was titled 'The Boy Who Sang for Death.' I don't remember the author, but it was a wonderful work about a boy who saves his brothers from dying on a battle field by singing for Death(a girl). Death liked his singing so much that she offered him his brothers' lives if he would stay be her and sing for her always. This is pretty old, and it strikes me as kind of simple, but I like it.

Arix the EverCursed chapt 3

Timothy Otis

well i suppose this would be chapter 3

The Ghost

Jessica Rud

It's... sad. I suppose.

For Love and Land

Ri Herring

I stayed up 'till waaay past midnight one night to finish this thing. I tried to incorporate as many elements of fantasy as I could. I enjoy this one, and I am pretty satisfied with it. Narrative poems are hard, since the matter being processed is slightly less nebulous than some other kinds of poetry.

Child of the Spring

Ilya Gutner

A poem that juggles religions.

The Hunter's Song

Keya Paul

Well, I wouldn't have put this up here because poems aren't things I'm very good at, but I decided that it was good enough...it doesn't really seem like it fits in Wyvern but it goes with the Hunters in most of my other stories (not just Night of Magic, though at the moment it's the only one with Hunters in it)...I was trying to think up something a Hunter in my world would sing and came up with this...it isn't the best but it's not the worse I've ever created...

Garnet and Amber

L. Hoxie

A story of courage... A story of wit... A story of adventure... But most of all... A story of love...

Arix the EverCursed chapter 2

Timothy Otis

and here's chapt 2

Arix the EverCursed chapter 1

Timothy Otis

this is one of my favorite charecters i've written about. he's also one of the most drawn charecters i've ever done. this is chapter 1

Chapter 2: Meet Rob

Brian Smith

This is the second chapter. If you can live through the exposition of the last chapter, you should enjoy this. In htis chapter you meet Rob who... I'll let you see for yourself.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 20 - A Lesson in Courage

Christina Stoppa

Let the trials begin! Arcturus will finally begin his lessons under Kuriyami's guidance.

Shadow Walker

Jessica Thurber

I was working on some other story completely unrelated to this, I don't even remember which one. And suddenly I was smacked in the face by this powerful image of a pale boy with dark hair dressed in black, hands outstretched screaming in rage and releasing a powerful stream of devastating power from his very being. Outta nowhere. Just dropped down and insisted that he be brought in to being. So I gave him setting and a name an d a personality and.... there ya go. Enjoy.

Arix the EverCursed chapter 4

Timothy Otis

well wouldn'tcha know it? chapt 4 maybe someday i'll get around to writing chapter 5...who knows?


Jill O Connell

okay i have to explain something!contemplation's original name was else and this one is something they were written on the same day and i was in the same mood but slghtly more philosophical in this one.this story heavely relys on Doctor who and immortal rain for insperation beacuse immortality nom matter how promising does and always will be a lonely journey!this character has no features or description (weird for me actually)  and im not sure if i want to continue with it!sorry ):

The Drunken Wanderer (poem)

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this poem with one of my good friends, who happened to sign my guestbook as Laurie-girl. It's really a very odd poem, but quite interesting, if I do say so myself. And I know it is somewhat random, and there are some rhymthm problems, but hey... (A 2004 piece)


Keith Sayer

This poem is similar in many respects to J.R.R. Tolkien's GOBLIN FEET; however, it is uniquely different.

A Tale of Tales

Melissa Jensen

This is a much longer work about a young man, a story-teller, wandering a world of myth and magic. He is searching for a famed dragon-sorcerer who may hold the key to who he really is. Along the way he survives by telling various tales, some of which may be myth, and some that may have once been true.

The Jesters' Tale, Chapter 1 - A Stroke of Luck

Jennyh Lindén

This is the first chapter of The-story-currently-called-'The Jesters' Tale'-but-that-might-change-in-the-future.

the path that never ends

michael john

i go wandering looking for the faerie path