The Epic of Motnekero Chapter III, The Battle of Pig's Valley

Matthew Deagle

...I know that I'm not supposed to begin with the third chapter, but I'm not satisfied at all with the first and second at the moment, so here it is... I'm not satisfied with this either (I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it) but I'd enjoy some criticism, so criticise! Angelstorm

Hellbent 1

Aubra Penner

This is a strange snippet of story that I wrote late one night when my muse woke screaming from a long nap. There's more to come, but I only have a vague idea of it.

Dragon's Wraith part two

Andrew Rouch

This story is about a Dragon wizard named bahamut who goes after a human wizard who blows up Bahmut's village. Bhamut runs into some allies who help him find and destroy the huaman wizard

Dark Daze Ch.1pt.1

Timothy Crowder

The opening to Dark Daze

Aquarius - 01intro

Romy Laudy

A young Paladin trainee with a task to balance the return power of the Demonia Empire.

A Frantic Warlock's Rhyming

Formerly re-titled: 'An Unwise Bargain' and then returned to its original title.This was written in about half an hour, while I was putting off a massive midterm due the next day.  Inspired, you could say, by the story of Goethe's Faust, with a magical twist.  Deliberately hectic and rather chantlike, as if written by someone frantically going mad with fear and guilt.Try reading it aloud, stringing as many lines together in one breath as you can.

PALADIN: Book One: Warlock (Chapter 1)

Patrick Forrest

 (Chapter 1 to a novel I completed earlier this year.)After sixteen years in exile amongst the mortal world, Warlock Sparx, known to most as He Who Wields the Light of A Thousand Suns, and his mother finally return to their home, the Highlands, with the hopes of at last, reuniting with Warlock's father and bringing peace to a nation severed by a militant government and a league of demonic guerrillas. By a wicked turn of events however, Warlock somehow finds himself separated from his mother, fighting against the very thing he has come to defeat! Spells, swords and prophesies arise in a torn, yet magical world world that exists directly above our very own!

The Warlock 2

Aurélie Scarborough

Here are chapters 3, 4 and 5. The warlock Nanashi leaves his home town and journeys to the nearby city of Seneca, where he befriends Vespasian, the eccentric alcoholic. Also, Sachiko's powers are finally revealed. (Suspense and excitement!) Comments and constructive criticism appreciated.

Just Like Old Times (Extract)

Carey Williams

A futuristic fantasy world, consisting of dwarves, orcs, goblins, humans and guns, lots and lots of guns. The two greenskin races are our focus here, as is humour. Join squad Jicup (easily the dumbest even by orc standards) as they begin their journey along a path, not even an Orc can tread upon lightly. *Note this is an extract of a 5k short story, after this introduction the language can get pretty explicit, as can some references. I'm not going to lie it's a dirty humour based story aimed at young adults and due to elfwood's rules (which I respect) I can not upload it here, if you wish to read the full story feel free to contact me and I can email it you or similar ;)The jungle of Vereswell and squad Jicup everyone! :)


Grant Ackerman

Something that i decided to write. nowhere near finished though. tell me if you like it!

Field Guide to Fantasy Creatures

Brian Buckley

Arranged in alphabetical order. Richard Svensson, who is an amazing artist, has begun illustrating this piece. His take on my dwarf is awesome, as is the rest of his gallery.

The Black Spire - Part 1 - Chapt. III

Michael Jones

 Once again, here is New World, this time the third chapter. Been getting a lot of mixed feedback and signals on this project, and would love to hear what everyone thinks whether it be good or bad, I want it all. I've been getting stuff like "no action" but this is a slow introduction to develop characters and action comes soon. Anyways, enjoy!

The Warlock 4

Aurélie Scarborough

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 of 'The Warlock'. Things begin to get more complicated here. More is revealed about Kiyoko and Yuki. Also, Nanashi's troubles deepen as he receives insights about his position. Not very much new information is presented in Chapter 11; mostly it's just sort of a little review chapter for clarification and expansion of previously presented ideas.

Tale's of Giand the Wizard chapter 1 and 2

Mackenzie Witzel

About a wizard who comes back from a crusade to take on a pupil. that is just the first two chapters.

The punished one

Karin Edman

Religious poem, I tried to creat a cruel god, like from the pages of Old Testament

Dark Daze Ch.5

Timothy Crowder

Azrieland Gelimear try to find out how to break the curse


Tricia Martin

This is a small snippet from a bigger story I'm working on to go along with an RPG which I've made some characters for already- see art gallery. I did this for my fiction writing class and workshopped it there already. I've made a few changes per their suggestions and am now 'workshopping' it here. I'm curious to see how total strangers react so please give comments- good bad and ugly just so long as they're useful. Nijojo has a picture in my gallery though she's the only one mentioned here that does SO FAR.

The Warlock 1

Aurélie Scarborough

Prologue and first two chapters of my story 'The Warlock'. This is a story about Nanashi, a warlock who masquerades in a world of humans. He desperately wants to learn what he is, and find others of his kind.

Dragon's Wraith

Andrew Rouch

This story is about a Dragon wizard named bahamut who goes after a human wizard who blows up Bahmut's village. Bhamut runs into some allies who help him find and destroy the huamna wizard.

Wild Magic - Prologue

Calijn de Jong

This is the prologue of the high-fantasy story 'Wild Magic'. *** For a description of the world in which the story is set, you can read 'Wild Magic - Prelude'. *** “Wild Magic” is a co-authored project by me and Rick Samual (who is not an EW member). I have his permission to post this story to my EW library. *** In this short prologue you will get a glimpse of the worries that trouble the Wysards and the Petari of Damarre. Future chapters will be more voluminous.