Dani Hall


Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the War, pt 1

Melissa O´Dowd

The aftermath of the Attack

The Message of the Survivor

Rochelle Watts

A poor wounded goblin. There is bit of the idea of a Greek messenger and a bit of the idea of natives being pushed off their lands in this poem. I tried to match the meter with the staggering pace of the goblin. It still needs a little tinkering but I'm happy with it for now.

Hawkfolk's Bane

Melissa Jensen

This is from my story Elements of Magic. It is not simply some poem but a warning, written after the near destruction of the winged people called hawkfolk. It happened at night while the hawkfolk slept in their sky city, and very few escaped. The beast was never seen, and so was never given a name. the story is fantasy but the poem is rather dark, so I judged it as being something for horror.

It's Heading This Way...

Kevin Richter

A story of people messing with forces they can't control. Peaceful aliens are sent to monitor earth, and when they discover the concept of violence, become obsessed with it. It's really a horror with science fiction elements then anything else.

Silence is Dangerous

Erin Latimer

You may have heard that Silence is Golden, and I do not deny that vampires do look as good as gold, but they can sure be dangerous, too. . . . You have been warned. Copyright Erin M Latimer(C) July 2008


Emma-Jane Smith

This story was written as a submission for The Herscher Project Edition 14, 'Dark Futures'. The focus of which is based on Chris A. Jackson's speculations in his short piece titled 'A Flash in the Pan', which details twelve scenarios for the fate of mankind. I have used six of these in this story (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8). Used with his permission. So enjoy reading!!! ^_^

The Black Rose - Chapter 1

Charis Robinson

A little idea. Like as not, nothing will come of it. Ever get the idea I like leaving you guys hanging?

Warning (read this first)

Zoe Novaczek

Someday, when I find I find a suitably big chunk of wood, I'm going to carve this out on it and hang it up on my door.

To Wake In A Prophecy. Chapter 3: My Son.


Again i shall point out the obvious, this is Chapter 3 of my current story, or my current craze. Eventually i will create some other story, and leave this one for a while. I already have over four storys in progress... enjoy.

Tied Down

Jackson Price

Can one sell one's soul? If so, how and why can this happen? You better be sure you've not sold your soul and become tied down.

Blood Lust

Redajo Keeney

Written a loonnggg time before the story... Really didn't make the connection between titles until just now... It's another one that was one of my first. I pretty much started with vampire poems. This one is really short.

The Winter is Coming

Chasyn Naskra

ANOTHER random poem, written a while ago for - you guessed it - creative writing class. (yay!) Pah. Don't ask me what this is about because I certainly don't know. I think that I had just finished a sad book or something... I don't know. Ah well... tell me what you think!

The Warning

Emma Cuddy

Don't. Even. Ask. Just read the poem and don't ask. I was dictated this poem by the voices that live in my head........

Shattered Destiny Chapter Six (a warning too late)

william albrecht

Chapter 6 of 'Shattered Destiny'

The Gift Part i

Robyn Smith

Lady Luna gave them their gift... but with a warning.

Mythic Warning

Rebecca Gordon

I know, I know... I've already posted about half of the story, but I decided this needed to be said before it got any worse. ^_~

Warning - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

No, the title doesn't mean 'Warning! This is a poem!' Warning is the name of the poem... people aren't very smart...

The Affairs of Dragons

Melissa Canaway

a short, humorous poem...that gives some rather good advice, if I dare say. :P

The Cry of the Banshee.html

Peter Shepherd

The poem of a warning Banshee cry