Lullabye ~poem~

Erica Martin

A poem of what goes through a dying warriors last thoughts. Don't be harsh on me, it's my first poem online.


Valerie Grabski

In a time/Not so long time ago/In a kingdom/Not to far away/There lived a dragon/Of power and rage/Or so thought all the knights/Of that there fair land/And rushed to do battle

The Caretakers of Peace: Book III: Chapter III 'Kyra's Dance'

Joel Meredith

I'm not particularly fond of this chapter, you'll find out why when you read it. There's another scene that I know I have to add for this chapter to fully make sense. Trust me: it is on its way.

The wars in heaven, and the screams from hell: Prologue

Daniel Beck

Before telling the tale of the wars in heaven, some things are required learning... Nothing too facy... But you should not judge this as a story written by a christian evangelist in the least sense of the word. this is a work of fiction, based on spiritual themes, it is only a coincidence they use some similar terminology... confused yet? Read the prologue and maybe you wont be :)

Empty Skies (Chapter One)

Ian Holmes

Jaercy, a young hunter living in a small village, is awoken from a terrifying dream. His instincts lead him into a terrible storm searching for what he knew couldn't be just in his mind. He follows his dream into the woods and makes a curious yet shocking discovery.

Her Blood (short story)

D. Hendrikson

When a plague threatens Kingsland and the Greylands, both sides will do anything for the cure. That cure is locked in the blood of a young girl, the only creature to survive the plague yet. The side that gets to her first will win the war...


Paul Doyle

I decided to break out of a rut, and try something completely different. So I got into a little challenge with Elfwood writer Leigh Erickson: If she could write about something OTHER than death, I would write a death poem! So here it is, about a fictitious Egyptian pharaoh named Chepankhtep (yes; I chickened out trying to come up with rhymes, so I left his name out of the poem! I hope it's exciting and fun . . . and has a twist. The Mexican mummies mentioned are no longer literally hanging around; they are in museums now. If you've ever seen the original 'Faces of Death', you've seen some of the Mexican mummies mentioned here. This is the very first attempt I've made at something this dark.

Permitted Planet - Episode II

Maja Ilisch

Enter the juvenile hero, followed by the senile one. Wait ... where have I seen this old man before?

Valour within... part 1

Matthew. Burgess

Is it the beginning of a new or the continuation of an age old story? alone can decide..

The Caretakers of Peace: Book II: Chapter IV 'Gaining Steam'

Joel Meredith

Very short chapter. Sets up for the start of Book III. Quite a cliffhanger, don't you think?


Genevieve Ray

A present for my mate Twee's birthday. In a cruel unmerciful future gangs of teenagers fight daily in for survival. Follow Saffron as she uncovers the truth of the regime controlling these wars.

Spec:4:Touch and Go

Kyle Arthur

Here is the fourth issue in this little story. The mission is continued. A little bit of action in this one. This is where I'm starting to implement some of the tech that I've always wanted in this series from the time of Galaxy Apart. This is working towards accomplishing the feeling I want but still its hard to do I think a series of pictures would better express the story, maybe even a comic. Too bad I'm not the best at drawing people. Enjoy.

Empty Skies (Introduction)

Ian Holmes

The introduction to my tale, 'Empty Skies'. The Evil Lord Sigrum rules over land, seeking to eradicate the defiant resistance of Dragonmasters to gain dominance over the land and the skies. The last of the resistance makes a desperate stand against him to stop him from becoming the tyrant of the land.

Differing Opinions

James Fett ' Inwood

Written after having a creative writing workshop that focused on Sci Fi and speculative fiction (what if?) so I decided to write about plastic surgery and that beauty is never really objective, despite what people and the media will say...

The Cry of Liberty

Julie Gele´

A Bedouin warhymn. Having fun trying to write a song. Did I so well or did I butcher it? (which I truly fear...)

Dragon Blood ~ Chap 1-5

Liu Yanqing

The story of a young girl, Crystallia, and her gift from her dead father.... 'Least that's what It's aminly about. I'm not finished yet...

Prologue: Armageddon Prophecies

Rhiannon Taylor

This is the prologue to all three Armageddon Prophecies stories. It tells of the mythology of the world and of the God Wars, which took place after the creation of all Peoples and nearly destroyed all that was. The rest of the Prophecies will be up as soon as I finish scrapping the old version and going through serious rewriting. The mythology is currently the only part I felt good enough about to write. Also, the writing is a little difficult to follow; it works much better if you read it aloud. Critics welcome.

New World

Michael Jones

This is a..preview, or trailer I guess you could say, if my next novel I will be starting soon called New World set in the same world as The Messenger; the Vendetta Wars world. New world takes place about 1800 years before The Messenger.

The Rogue Wars

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

After a scientific accident, the world is taken over by an evil race of beings. Only a ragtag handful of people in the world can stop it. Wrote this one a long time ago for a class. This was before I knew how to compress my stories, so it's uber-long. Kind of a cool concept, if very unoriginal. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with all comments.

Black and White

Laura Davies

Created after a drew a map of a fantasy world