Elyse (the sequel to 'Ivan was confident')

Chiya Pike

This one is about this girl who has a rare gift, er some sort of 6th sense that she can sense when a supernova blows up (i don't quite know how accurate that is, maybe it's only the ones within a certain radius from her.) This one was another late night spurt of creativity. I realized later that it wasn't altogether an original idea... but then again, nothing really is.

Vampire's Eyes

Cathryn M. Gillespie

Just about what a Vampire might say if you asked him/her what he/she is.

Change in Time

Andy Hacker'

This was a present for my dad, I deleted the first one while trying to upload the picture to it. Sorry about that

Wings of Love

Melanie Henderson-Lee

An excerpt from the life of one of the many voices inside my head

The Adventures of Blazing Star

Jenny Vories

I first came up with this story about 2 and a half years ago and i'm still working on it.

A New World

April ]-[3L' Jones

I written this story in the 6th or 7th grade.. take a look at the date of course. One of those class assignments of course.


Victoriana Ravenscraft

(FYI: a yarn is a tall-tale) This is another story we were to write in 8th grade Lit to explain in any way possible how the world was created. Hope you like!

Dragons and Orbs ~ Chapter one

Joe Thorn

dragon orbs magic game water life earth wind

Ivan was confident... Part one

Chiya Pike

This is a story that i started writing thinking it was going to be a really stupid story, and i didn't, at the time when i started writing it, know why i continued. But i did. It was past midnight, everyone else had gone to sleep (and i was thinking i probably should have) but decided to stay up just a little longer, just until i ran out of inspiration... Which turned out for a pleasant surprise, that it was a lot better than i thought. (spontanaeity!) It even inspired me to write a sequel...

The Beginning

hannah dougan

In the beginning there was war, this thing that was thought to be man made crippled the worlds between life even with out mans existence a story of how simple the human race is and what they could never accomplish with out help of a God. 

Stay Alive

April ]-[3L' Jones

Again, this was done for an assignment during the 6th or 7th grade I think. I was attending Miller Middle School at the time... What was really ironic was that the founder and I have the same initals.

The Flower 1 (Spirit of Hurt)

Brandon Lee

Do we really know what we feel out do we just push it away as though it was someone else

Diary Of A Deity

James Fett ' Inwood

Give an all powerfull super being the ability to keep a journal and this is what you get... PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED BY RELIGION.

God was bored.

Laura Wood

God was bored.

Edge of a Dream

April ]-[3L' Jones

This isn't much. I guess when I woke up I just threw the whole thing down on some paper. I might try to fix it up some...


Megan Perrin

Darkness taking over the light's territory.

The Sa'Boah

Brandon Lee

An English essay i had to do for short stories. People said it was nice so i tot u might want to read it. And if u feel i need to finish the book for it just vote for it~ By the way, I have Re-edited the story to remove the typos and errors Do hope u all enjoy.

There Once

Jean Boree

Just a poem about a simple girl in a fantasy village.. books always tell of princesses, well heres my go on the simple girl's point of view!

Elgmar Chapter 1

Jonathan Snooks

The creation of the Universe as revealed by Elgmar the Oldest to Zartanimir the scribe of Raxus. OK, so it's really just a dumb story I wrote for laughs. I was told to specify that the non-English words in this story were made up nonsense words.