Chester Copperpot

Ok this one came from a conversation about time zones and people in the same time zone being on different times due to some being on daylight saving and others not (NSW + Queensland) the other person suggested I try to write a story about it only when it came to writing it, it sort of shited to wrong watch times, anyway its got holes in it too, bit stuck with it to be truthful, kept running away from me somewhat

The Watcher

Dylan Hollis

This is a story about an eternal cycle, an eternal watcher, a person trying to find the meaning of love.

Nightblades: The Shake-down

Charles Clay

So here we have the further adventures of our friend Dreg Thomson, and his second-in-command Jada. As I have told some of my test readers, Dreg is not a particularly admirable man, nor are the Nighblades an organization I would like to have operating in my city. However, they will all be important later on, so you'd better just learn to put up with them.

It's Heading This Way...

Kevin Richter

A story of people messing with forces they can't control. Peaceful aliens are sent to monitor earth, and when they discover the concept of violence, become obsessed with it. It's really a horror with science fiction elements then anything else.


Emily Brogan

it's not a story, it's a poem, after all! (see, told ya I was crazy)


Jocelyn Owens

This poem explains what paranormal entities want, and what we can do to help.

Night Watch Chapter 3

Kyle Arthur

Here is the third chapter of Night Watch. Let me know if you think I over did the psychic thing. I'm looking for input for chapter 4 and onward.

Night Watch Chapter 2

Kyle Arthur

Here is the second chapter for Night Watch. The story progresses and interesting plot points are revealed.

Night Watch Prologue

Kyle Arthur

Here is an entirely new story in what I think of so far as a new universe for me to expand, though think about how much time I spent on my existing set I may just keep this in that series. Well, I'd love to explain where this story is going, or what it is about, but I really have no idea myself yet. I need some time to think about it.

II - Puppetrice

Jennifer Hofmeister

part 2

Watching Over

Nicole Frack

A story of angels. 7/20/03

Tribunal Part VI: Fire and Angels

Jake Diebolt

Archol steps out from the Arsenal to face the Watch in a desperate attempt to slow them down, while Chara, Rant and Arika retreat to the heart of the temple to protect the children gathered there. To Kelsey: I'm sorry, and please don't kill me.

Tribunal Part III: Chara's Choice

Jake Diebolt

Things have gotten complicated for Chara as she continues to spy on the Watch for Archol. She has risen far and fast, and fallen hard for a young man with a profound hatred of mages...

Tribunal Part I: New Blood

Jake Diebolt

Archol, home from the wars that had rocked the southern continent, has come to Lyre's Bend. His mission: rescue a group of children that have been imprisoned for their 'impure' abilities... This story is the first in a series documenting Archol's re-establishment of the Tribunal, some time after The Arsenal: Guardians. This one's for you, Kelsey.

Shatterglass Part I

Lindsay Verde

Posted June 22/09 (First draft). Another older piece on my shelf that I will eventually come back to finish when I've completed other projects up here. A big thanks to Barbara Wickham first, for the artwork that inspired this story (you must go and take a look at 'Broken Reflection' now) and second, for being an amazing friend and helping me put this together. Barbara, this piece is dedicated to you.Now, to the story ...Have you ever looked into the mirror and wondered if what you were seeing was more than just a reflection? Welcome to Elsewhere, where what is seen in mirrors isn't just a reflection. Shatterglass lives in the Chronicles as a Watcher, whose job it is to monitor the mirrors and report any suspicious activity. Who knows, something might be trying to escape into a mirror or even worse, come out.To help clear up some confusion I know will happen otherwise - the beginning is in italics because this is a thought-dream. The people of Elsewhere possess telepathy skills and this includes their dreams.2012 Project Status: On indefinite hold.

Just Sit Back and Watch

Callie Richardson

Unless, of course, there's no one left to watch...

The Nightwatch

Aimee Smith

NIGHTWATCH: Moonlight Sonata- ch1

Brian Pennington

This is the first chapter of the first book in an urban fantasy mystery series about psychic detectives in St. Louis. The main character of this first story is Ren Forrester, a weredog from a long line of lycanthropes, who will learn he is also a Bard. He moves into an apartment building which is the headquarters for Nightwatch, a group of psychics and mages who protect the streets of St. Louis from the Dark side.

Tribunal Part II: Infiltration

Jake Diebolt

After a near-disastrous raid on the Watch, Archol Thar sends Chara to infiltrate the Watch at Lyre's bend. Her task: find a weakness in the metal that renders men invulnerable to magic.


M Mmmmm

(subtitle: 'What would an Angel say, the devil wants to know') I get frustrated at times with those who think they are so much more than I...those who believe they know the sum of me, when they know nothing in reality...