The watcher

Sara Egger

I don't know where this weird idea came from! I was trying to write something about society and stuff!

Watcher in the Water

Mae Proudfoot


The Watcher: Star of fate part 2

Erica Wilson

Ok... I know that this one really gets confusing... I am sorry... I kinda wrote the two at different times and I am almost confused myself, I had wanted to scrap the whole story, but I decided instead to get feedback first...

The Watchers of Worlds:My Mika

Lainey Welsch

I turned this one out whilst sitting in class. My friends say its kind of depressing but I think not. I think its kind of hopeful. Let me clue you in on some of the kinky lingo. Heart algorimeter is a futuristic word for the heart; neo-cortex is the brain and hmm...*flips pages* thats it enjoy the story!!

O'er Fires of Hell

Christina Stoppa

Well, these are the verses that will be appearing in the prologue to the second book in my series. That book is still a long way off, but I feel like posting the poem right now. So, enjoy!

Maradon 03 - Helpless

Peter Sunnergren

The story continues and takes a turn of events that Erlan can not prevent.

Shelter from the Storm

Rachel Mills

Yaheya searches for place to shelter from the coming storm, but instead she is cast into a strange fate.Being one part of Saga of the Falcon-Snake, the tale of the legendary Russockshitha Kadaken. This is a tentative draft.

The Star Watcher

Rosalind Souter

An old priest who has watched the stars all his life, wonders if he's wasted his life.

The Watcher- Crystal Tears

Erica Wilson

This is another story about the Watcher (Rani) and it thickens the plot in some of the others if your following Three of a Feather, Well I hope that you enjoy!


Josephine Broshears

In the bouts of insanity some of us walk. This man walks upon the edge of saneness, and the raft of drowning. Blind to his own insanity.

Night Watcher

Sadaf Niaz

This is a short poem whose format I played around with a little. I call it a Japanese sonnet because it has three tankas and one haiku.This is the first part of the Celestial Trinity.


Simone Michaux

Its cheesy I know, but I'll have something better replace it soon.

Aria: Trails of Blood

Kristin Thomas

Well, this is the longest chapter so far. I've been working double time on it to make it stand out. *note that I will go back and do that to the rest of my chapters as well. Lots of things are going on in this chapter. A few more eerie questions are about to appear.

The Watcher

Erica Wilson

About the dark side of the Rilken Race and how they are not perfect! Rilks are a very 'pure' race and discrimanation comes easy for them... Rilks are very kind to all creature on Jurna save themselves,(odd, no?) and so the other creatures never realize how trully vexacious the Rilken race can be.

The Watcher

Stephanie Boothby

About a spirit that can only watch. I'm hoping to create a story out of this, maybe later..


Kimberley Painter

Another piece of 'i'm bored so lets write something' piece..not great..just ok...i hope! Well what do you think?? Too repetive??

Castellan (poem)

Peter Steffe

A short poem inspired by a discussion I had with a very good friend about the recent changes in my life and what she (my friend) means to me. It's not about her, as such, but more about the presence that I feel permeates my whole life, of which she is only a part (albeit a very large part).

The Kazzti's Train

Karin Mayville

Urban Hadrian finds himself on a subway train... to the afterlife! A conversation that will change his life forevermore ensues between himself and the Gatekeeper known to Limbo denisens as The Kazzti.


Vincent Price

Inspiration sometimes strikes at the oddest moments. Not sure why sitting in an office cubicle would inspire me to write the following. Anyway, this is incomplete and I don't know if I want to complete it or not. Please comment and share your thoughts.

The Watcher

Christopher Keefer

Well...this was written when, for the first time, I could think of nothing to write. However, I had one idea that I had thought of a long time ago, but never written out, and after reading a bit of the bible (my favourite source for inspiration...especially KJV, olde english really helps spark the old neurons back to life) I remembered it and...wrote it. Enjoy.