Moonlight Falls

Joe Thorn

Desl continues his quest for the meeting of the Goddess


Chiya Pike

A story I started writing and then combined with a poem I wrote. What is this fairy's mission? Is it peaceful or not? I'll leave that with you. Whatever you expect is probably more interesting than what I might think up. It's like the 'mystery box'

Guardian of Aloria (chapter 4)

Stephanie Walls

This is the 4th section...yadayadayada. Aidens making some new friends and the stories about to get alittle more exciting. I guess its probably been slow for awhile....

Journey Part 07 - Pond

Al Howe

Where secrets could be held.

Loruiel's Quest Prologue

Jackie Blanchette

a girl who believes in her world and the man she loves, has to deal with a huge change in her life

The White Horse of Breagha Vale

Sarah-Louise Mitchell

A poem (actually its a song) inspired by a dream I had many years ago. 'Breagha' is Gaelic for 'beautiful'

Chronicles of Five:Bolmerian Forest Chapter 3: The Dream

Jenine Urquhart

Chapter three! Osiris has a dream that freaks him out, it shows what will happen through the rest of the book. (the other one showed the whole series of 4 books)The five get help on their journey and they finally find some direction.

...sort of between planets... 1-1

Benjamin Anthony Ickler

Everything changes when a mysterious creature visits Palenia, especially the lives of two young spellcasting guardsmen.

Brother's Quest Part 2 (Macidermdale)Chapter 1

Chris Poole

Here's More To The First. It won't make sense unless youve read the Part One.


Stephanie Boothby

Origanally inspired by the breathtaking waterfalls i got to see while in Iceland, I used personification to create a poem with two meanings. I read it aloud to my poetry club without telling them the title, and no one had any idea that it was connected to waterfalls. When you read this, keep in mind a picture of a waterfall and also try to understand what the poems also says...

Awakening: Chapter Eleven

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Another lesson from the Lionar before Ariel and Sundil face the Adverse.

The Assassin's Lover Part 2

Kristen Pilcher

Here you go! I know some have been waiting for this one for a while. This is just a coninuation of Part one. Enjoy and comment please!


Bek Sutton

I wrote this for an engish exam i did a few weeks back, and i was so impressed with myself because i had prepared it earlier and i remebered it alomst word for word in my test :D and i got the rsults today, a 13 out of 15 so i was very happy with myselfAnyway, the ending is kind of....lame, but wanted to leave it in a way where the reader could be left guessing, wondering what happened to the characters and who knows, i may extend on it later. 

The Fay at Brightwater Cascades

This is a labor of love, and a story that perhaps reflects just what a labor love is. It is not a perfect poem, though I think there is much to recommend it, but I would really like for it to become as close to perfect as possible. So constructive criticism is greatly encouraged; aye, even hoped for. Just be aware that the breakup of rhyme and rhythm in the latter half is intentional. Think of the theme of the story and it'll make sense.One more thing: Don't cry...


Jacqueline AKA Eilonnwy

Another English assignment. Yee! We had to take a theme from Hamlet and write about it. So I took my guy Trevor and stuck him in a story with a theme. Yar! I was gonna call it 'Poisoned Life' but I don't like that name anymore. *sighs* Anyways, I like it lots. ^_^ Enjoy!

Brothers Quest 1(Macidermdale) Chapter 1

Chris Poole

Two brothers find themsleves on a quest to save the dying society of Macidermdale.

~From the Depths of a Bubble~

Elizabeth Steen

This is my safe place, the image in my mind that I hold close when the world turns to chaos...

The waterfall

Ana Salinas Norbakk

A voluntary sacrifice to the waterfalls.

Awakening: Chapter Ten

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Yes, we've made double figures. Part Three begins. Ariel recovers from her previous ordeal, the Lionar's 'lessons' start to become more erratic, and Sundil learns a lesson of his own.

The Falls

A.E. Gibbons

A Girl and her brother play day after day on the rocky bank of a wild river near a waterfall. One day this just go bad.