The Flower 2 (The Flower)

Brandon Lee

Can we fight away the mist which clouds our minds?

We Are Two

Amanda Hopkins

This is a little piece of poetry based off two characters my friend made up. The characters are Lady Fire-Eyes and Emerald Healer. She hasn't told me the rest of the story, so I don't know how it's going to end. Anyway, don't forget to make comments. :)

The Flower 5 (I See)

Brandon Lee

We can never tell what another thinks unless we can read minds

old poem

J. Thomason

This is a poem I did when I was nine? ten? Long, long ago. Or at least that's what I'm going to stick with, since it stinks so much :P Honestly, this is from when I was like ten. I promise! The only reason I am putting it on here is because I need at least two stories... or ... poems? anyway it's also fantasy related, which a lot of my poems are not! Actually, I find it funny, and amusing, and stuff. If you want to comment you may either: criticize me, or: start laughing. Either one is acceptable. However, no praising me because then I will start laughing and remember that you don't have a good sense of judgement.

Who are we?

Ryan Langley

Who are we?

Where will we meet again?

Anna Kompaniets

there's an illustration for that in my gallery

The Flower 12 (A Final View)

Brandon Lee

Sometimes we never truely understand things till much much later

The Night 9 (Broken Wings)

Brandon Lee

Evil lives in men even though we cannot see it all the time

The Flower 6 (All)

Brandon Lee

we may not know the rights things to say but least we can try

The Night 5 (Eternal Nightmares)

Brandon Lee

Sometimes we let ourselves be cover in saddness that it consumes us but not known to us that the world is also full of hopes

-Curved Yet Straight-

Emily Kirsch

I couldn't begin to explain this poem. It was done on impulse and nothing more.

The Night 10 (Self-Condemnation)

Brandon Lee

But in all of chaos there is order and in evil we will also find good

The Flower 1 (Spirit of Hurt)

Brandon Lee

Do we really know what we feel out do we just push it away as though it was someone else

Water Dragon

Liz West

Finding your protector and friend was never easy, but dragons have a little something different to say about that