My Living Fantasy...

Glen Holder

Welcome to my mind...

Zephyrine 13-14

Aurélie Scarborough

Chapters 13 & 14 of the Zephyrine vampire story. Chapter 13 is not very good, I don't think, because it's mostly Aurelien talking, but chatper 14 is much more interesting. (I hope).

Shadow Cell

Brianne Hughes

This is a story that has a really bad title. I just finished revising it so any LoP words used are defined. I actually made up the Language of Power(really corny name, I know) one boring day at school with my friends. This story is to all my dear mims and trooms waaay out there in Cenimo but mostly to one friend in particular. She is the co-founder of the LoP and she has a picture or two in my art gallery. Lov ya Becka Bex!

The Chaos of Life

Eric Borden

This story started me writing again. It is a story about a doctor who is a kind, if mislead, man. He has a problem, but he does not quite know what it is. It is possible that he never will.

Walks on Four Legs

Louise Boucher

This short story was written for my A level coursework a couple of years ago. I like it partly because it gave me a very good mark and helped me to pass English and go on to university but also because it is so different to what I normally write. The title comes from the riddle of the sphinx 'What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the day and three at night?'.

I'm A Magical Girl! Chapter Two

Massiel Gutierrez

Same as the first chapter of this story, except Alex thinks he's Elvis.


Anne Vea

This is a story thats a little unusual, i do not write this kind of modern fantasy but the idea just popped into my head one day and i had to put it down on paper. The story is about a boy with a big problem and the strange way in which his problem is solved. It includes a beautiful woman, a weird shop and some forgotten magic, it was inspired by a horror novel i once read, i hope you'll all enjoy it !

changing home

Samantha Hosea

get lost in you own home...imagine that...

Raiven's Luck 003

Crystal Meth

The third installment! Raiven gets aquainted with the odd black dragon before a huge sandstorm comes and....

Ice Shade

Justin Osgood

This is a Short short short Poem I wrote about.... Well I have no clue what I was thinking about when I wrote it... it just sounded cool to me

No Title (Prologue)

Ryan Brainard

Just a strange little story

No Title(Chapter 2)

Ryan Brainard

Short little story..will probably be the strangest chapter in the story. If you want to read this chapter, prepare yourself. I'ts...different.

Lost In Space

Nicole Anderson

I don't care that other people have used this name!!! Grr...I don't know what lead me to write this but, I did. It is NOT FINISHED though so please bare with me!

Same Old

G. 'Kat' Bird

This isn't finished yet, no. No! How could it be?! So dun even THINK it. -pokes.- It's just chapter one and two, and even those are relatively short, 'cause I worked on them in two separate places, so there. Hrmph!

A Matter of Masters: Chapter 2

Christina Beard

Anita finds herself kidnapped by outlandish strangers.

The Man from Covelo

William McPherson

A very short story about a rather surreal incident.I've never been really satisfied with the ending.

Kiss of Death

Carrie no.

this is another one of those cheesy types, like that angel stuff . . . i guess some go for that kinda stuff tho, enjoy if you can:) i like vampires;)

Poem: Dysgraphia

Magdalena Dreyer

A poem, about yet another psychological disorder...

The Shower

Mira R. Horsky

This one's just weird.

Things Still Happen in Nowhere (Chapter 1)


CHAPTER 1 of a love story between two mental teenagers (this won't go right...) in a community in the middle of nowhere.