Shifting Music

Emily Weichbrod

Another story with some of how music affects me. Some songs just move you...

Through Wolf's Eyes 1.0

Jeff Burke

A study in characters...had to upload it in two parts. I warn you it is NOT complete yet, and its quite long.

Because the Night Chapter 1

J Taylor

'Our rivalry is only camaraderie.' Delve into the minds and thoughts of the creatures who wander so freely in the night; the ones who you were taught to fear as a child. Perhaps they are not what you were taught.

Garroway's Song -- poem

Anna Smith

Garroway is a were-dingo. This is to say, he used to be a normal dingo, with a mate, a section of territory, pups, and the job of helping raise them. One night, something attacked and bit him. The next full moon, the poor feral dog found himself a man. He now tends to stay in a hybrid, or anthro form. Once, when asked about his origins, he responded with this. As a poem, here, it lacks a title, I only called it Garroway's Song to have something to call it. Any suggestions?

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part Four

Anne Miller

A young Mabh (Fiona) in her ignorance, which is bliss for now.

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8C

Anne Miller

Mabh has held out, but is it enough?

Hunted ch 3

E. House

we find out how val and ruto met and whats really between then and the trouble escalades as valimere retells what happened with the necros pet

The Three

Crystal Wilford

Well, as I'm a rock-hard, stony-faced being where critisizm to stories is concerned (as I feel I'm the hardest critic of my own terrible work) I'm very sensitive about my poetry. This is a sort of preview to a story soon comming. Night Visitor. I'd LOVE to hear interpretations about this poem as well as anything you think I should improve.


Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

For long periods of time, this is my favorite song. When it's my favorite song, I often write another verse. The first and the three last stanzas always remain in those positions, so if you don't want to read the whole thing (I think it's 180 lines now), read those four and comment. I regard this as a parody of how Hallowe'en is sometimes perceived.

The Cure

Jeff Burke

For My hundreth commenteer: Alice Smith. Lycanthropy :a mental disorder where the afflicted believes he/she is able to transform into a wolf with the coming of the full moon. But they only think that; there's no such thing as werewolves. ...Right?

Brutal Truth

Elizabeth Kretzschmar

Hrm, I had thought of this idea while listening to a song.. (I forget the name..) and it didn't exactly turn out as good as I had hoped but my friends liked it so I'm posting it. ^.^ Thanks Whitney! She gave me the title for it :)

The Fall of Aringore

Sarah Kellington

This Northland Ballad tells of the deeds of Brevan and the wolf-kin, and the ancient war against the deranged mage of Aringore. or it would, if I ever finished it.

Tiger's Tale

Leah Kresl

This is the story of Iron Tiger, a dragon/tiger panwere. In the darkness of the shadow of a cult called the Hybrus who kidnap lycans, or weres, will she be able to light the way out?

Operation: Silver - Prologue

Josh Boo' Walls

Okay, I realized something when the moderator's e-mail told me that this was too closely borderlined with Resident Evil and Fanfiction is not allowed. So allow me to clear this up. It starts off like RE, but it twists pretty close to the beginning, and the operatives enter a realm where the beings are overruling. Now, they must survive, and ultimately, find a way home. I just didn't want to say all of that and spoil the twist, but better to be cleared up than accused of something I didn't mean the way it came out. This excerpt doesn't really touch on much other than the RE part of it. SORRY TO ALL OF YOU! (MODERATORS ESPECIALLY!!!) This is my Resident Evil styled story. It dwells on a secret organization dealing with such animals as vampires, werewolves, dragons, and the like. I hope it's to your liking. It has too many twists in the story line to actually know who's to blame and why... figure that out yourself... PLEASE COMMENT!

Earliest memories

Sheila Stevens

This is a story about this character I had made up quite some time ago named Kacaru. This is the last time he ever saw anything of his family and it is in first person so be nice when critisizing it. Enjoy

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part Two

Anne Miller

This is our little Fiona/Mabh's start in her new home with her foster 'family' and of course, yet another renaming.

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 3

Barbara Klein

Now that Maeve has turned out a real werewolf, she is going to meet her 'pack' - although not everything turns out the way there other wolves had anticipated

A Werewolf's Lament

Betsy Johnson

a little short piece I came up with on 8/13/99 (Friday the 13th... **blinkblink**). Had this percolating in my head all day and then suddenly sat down and typed up a storm. Brought to you in its origional unedited form.

NIGHTWATCH: Moonlight Sonata- ch1

Brian Pennington

This is the first chapter of the first book in an urban fantasy mystery series about psychic detectives in St. Louis. The main character of this first story is Ren Forrester, a weredog from a long line of lycanthropes, who will learn he is also a Bard. He moves into an apartment building which is the headquarters for Nightwatch, a group of psychics and mages who protect the streets of St. Louis from the Dark side.

Moonlit Knight Issue #1: Shades #1

Jeff Burke

I've been wanting to do a superhero story ever since reading 'The Dark Knight Returns' by Frank Miller, and so here we are. It's turned out to be a neat project, and a great exercise in different styles. The poem used is Blake's 'The Tyger.' Great poem, if you're not familliar with it.