Tale of the White Stag

Samantha Papworth

For all those who have lived through rose coloured glasses.

The White Place

Damon Sasi

Names have not been changed, as I have permission to use them. In loving memory to my friend, Harry Narkes, 1988-2004. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS.

An Elven Star

Stephanie Thomas

Elita doesn't belong to any known species in Talnam but someone, somewhere knows something because she is being hunted down. She must flee her home and team up with someone she thinks is arrogant to find her own species and somewhere to be safe.

The Insurrection

Eliza Hemington

I don't want to explain, but if you really must know, ask. I know it's odd, and to justify my insanity, it was for English class, so my teacher is the crazy one, and I wrote it with a friend. (A 2003 piece)

The Unicorn

Ardhoniel Elen-Laer

This is basically about an pretty Unicorn:D

Ainne 2

Gabs Béland

Second chapter...a better description will be added when it is not late at night and I am not exhausted, sorry. Enjoy.

The Forest

Beth Carpenter

Lavender has now gone into the forest, and shortly meets trouble. Also, she looses a companion. (I am incredibly bad at descriptions)

The Traveler: Light's First Triumph

Sarah Eckstein

'My only real fault was a desire for adventure. ...I'm sorry to say that wish came true...' Her family was murdered. She was chased from her home. As a new soldier in the military she was abused and dispised by the superiors she planned to betray. She forced herself to endure four years under The Council's ranks in hopes of destroying thier tyrannical rule for good. ...She failed. In trying she destroyed any chance of creating a future for herself she had had. But out of the ashes, she became something more... A guardian of the Oracle and a Knight of the Light, by some whim of fate Sarah Summers has suddenly been charged with protecting billions of worlds from a monster and saving what little hope is still left. Her first assignment: stop a century-old war before Chaos can completely erupt. ...Yeah, piece of cake.


Reuth Dekel

This story was first based on a chess board, but I don't think something is left in common...

I Sit and Cry

Rhonda Jezek

Inspired by this beautiful silver ring I have with peaches and leaves and the moon on it. Also inspired by the rather earth-shattering thought that my body is capable of bearing children. Can you believe that? In my body! A teeny tiny thing that looks like a fish.. And not just me, every woman on the planet! Isn't that strange?

In Time of Need - Chapter 3

Orin Gaskins

This is the fourth installment tell me what ya think

Snow White (Rarities)

Elizabeth Gerrow

Just read it! based on the word 'white'

White Shadow

Amy Speakmon

This poem is about a unicorn (or you could see it as something different) that follows you around and helps you with the trials and joys of life.

The Murder Of Snow White: Part I

sarah tasker

I know that the original 'Snow White and Rose Red' actually didn't go like the 'Snow White' fairytale, but I decided to sort of fuse the two. Basically, it's told from Rose Red's point of veiw while investigating her litte sister's death by mysterious apple poisoning. This is only the first part, and is more like a prologue than any thing else, but here it is. I only have a few other parts written at this point, and it will probably be a few weeks...or months...before I start up with this one again. Anyway, here it is, The Murder Of Snow White.

Abscence Of The Divine

Tiffany Passmore

This is a revised version of the old copy here. I was thinking of having her as a new White Lion Character. Enter the world of Heaven and you just may be deemed unworthy. Heaven has her own comic now. Check her out at http://heavenhelpus.keenspace.com

The White Lion chapter 12

Tiffany Passmore

MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I LIVE.... whew, here is the next chapter I am so sorry this took so long. I will never leave the page hanging for so long again. please feel free to comment.

Kiss of Death

Carrie no.

this is another one of those cheesy types, like that angel stuff . . . i guess some go for that kinda stuff tho, enjoy if you can:) i like vampires;)

The Blue and Grey Unicorn

Candice 'Jaheira' Brown

A short poem about a unicorn. I may try to improve it in future. I've used Australian english for it.

PALADIN: Book One: Warlock (Chapter 1)

Patrick Forrest

 (Chapter 1 to a novel I completed earlier this year.)After sixteen years in exile amongst the mortal world, Warlock Sparx, known to most as He Who Wields the Light of A Thousand Suns, and his mother finally return to their home, the Highlands, with the hopes of at last, reuniting with Warlock's father and bringing peace to a nation severed by a militant government and a league of demonic guerrillas. By a wicked turn of events however, Warlock somehow finds himself separated from his mother, fighting against the very thing he has come to defeat! Spells, swords and prophesies arise in a torn, yet magical world world that exists directly above our very own!

On a Bench

Abigael Casey

Written in 2003 as the Writing Task Response for the QCS Test. The theme was 'Faces', and it had to be approx. 600 words. I may upload the stimulus in the future. The stimulus I chose for this story was a picture and passage from 'Dorian Grey', a picture of a building facade, and a picture of the evil queen from Snow White looking in her mirror. A woman sits on a bench, reflecting on her life through the actions of those she is observing.