A Tribute to the Goddess

Erin Coats

I wrote this for one of the most important women in my life, my mother, my sister, my teacher, my inspiration, the Goddess.

The Witches Vision

joanna wilson aka Scary Poppins.

A poem for my love.

Wheel of the Year (poem)


An extensive poem through the eyes of the Sidhe...

And Maybe It Was for the Better

Zoe Eddy

A story-in-progress... maybe I'll continue... maybe not. It certainly is bizarre. if I do say so myself.

True Love Never Dies: Chapter One

Victoria Mugherini

Ice Angel is your average Wiccan girl in a not so average world. With Ice's newfound runaway life, how will she ever find True Love?

The Someone Elses

Amanda Sutherland

I love this poem! My poetry class didn't. You can figure your own meaning to it, I guess.

Keeper of the 7th Gate

Amanda Sutherland

Another poem. Based on the story of the descent of Inanna, who was a Babylonian goddess. You can figure out the story yourself, or look it up somewhere. There are meant to be a lot of sexual connotations to the story, but that is ignored in this telling.

The Truth About Witches

Zeypher Thasree

This was for a short-story contest in my eigth grade LA class. It didn't win, but I thought It would be interesting.It is based on a personal experience with the main character being me. This scenario didn't auctually happen.DISCLAIMER: I totally love and adore and respect the Wiccan religion. I did not write this to spite, I wrote this to entertain.

Creation - Poem

Sue Kim

This is a small poem about how I think the universe was created. Be sure to check out the drawing I did, too.

Poem - Ashes

Amy Goodenough

Dedicated to the phoenix who flew and left me behind. I'll never forget you and never forgive you and never stop loving you

Tiger and the Goddess

Cyndie Alford ~Spyrittiger~

A young Tigers experience with the Goddess.

The last witch

Denise Ertan

It's a look into the history of witchcraft, in old Ireland.

The Wheel Of The Year - Rulers of the Zodiac Realm

Cyndie Alford ~Spyrittiger~

Follow the Zodiac signs on their travels across the Rock of Time and the Wheel of the Year.

Coven of the Silver Moons ~poem~

Erica Martin

This is dedicated to my Coven, the Coven of the Silver Moons. This is about a waterfall we found, with rocks, perfect for climbing. We have meetings there sometimes...but mostly, I wrote this for Flame Keeper, and I hope that he comes back from his summer trip to Arizona soon. *~*You are deeply missed Flame*~*

The Wish of the Wise Woman

Megan Balanck

Another English task. This is a re-telling of the old folk tale of Hansel and Gretal.

Ancient Days, Ancient Ways

Robin Supples

This is an epic poem I wrote years ago. This is a fictional work set in ancient Ireland, on October 31st. At this time, the ancient Celts used to practice their “new year’s” ritual, as their year ended after the fall harvest. They called this holiday “Samhain”, which literally means “summer’s end”. On this night, they believed that the “veil” that separated the land of the living from the land of the dead was at it’s thinnest point and they could communicate with their deceased loved ones for a short time. In my narrative, the narrator is a traveling bard that has been invited to attend such a Druidic rite, and she is describing a few of the people she sees gathered around her. They all share one common trait, a belief in the old Gods, but they are very different, as you will discover as you read on.

Lord and Lady

samantha stuart

I am a pagan and have been for many years. This poem is close to my heart and is one of my greatest treasures. I hope you all love it as much as I.

Tell me a story

Kathy Nims

This is a comentary refering to the 'burning times' (more comonly known as the dark ages)from the point of view of a wiccan child in the far future.

The Witch's Gate

Ashley Thompson

This is one that I wrote while I was actually in a writing mood. I have my off days...I believe this was one of them.

A Witch's Death

Susanne Tuechi

Part 2 of A Witch's Rage