Fall of a Sparrow (For Emily)


Romance... I've never been very good at writing it, I fear. My internal monitor has a low tolerance for it, though perhaps this simply means that I am a sap and heart and trying to fight it, who knows. Stories with 'story book romances' tend to annoy me. I do like unusual love stories, though, especially when they are only a single part of a greater tale and yet manage to hold their own. I also love the ever-so-rare and elusive platonic loves, but that has little to do with the following. This is a romance, or a piece of one at any rate. Most romances center around two people meeting and falling in love. This is a bit different. There is also a lot of background that has been left out intentionally. This makes the tale very experimental, and yet I hope it works. Critiques and suggestions are very welcome.Yes, Em, I wrote this for you. Yes, it is about the Sparrow you know. 

What do you want?

Allison Starkweather

Woohoo! Another post! Betcha all are happy, huh? :) This is another exercise I did with Kayla, like the one before, although this one isn't comic like that one was. The exercise was to ask your character what they wanted more than anything else, and what they'd do to get it. This is what Kayla wanted.

Illàmahlon Extract

Hayley Boot

A short extract from the sudden and shocking arrival home of the Kyrael after journeying, with the Queen, back to her homeland in the West to give birth to her first child. Unfortunately, bad luck befell them on the journey... Thaneem is the true name of the Kyrael of the time, known only to the King and used only at times of great need... Illàmahlon are evil beings too terrible to describe in such a small box...but terrible nonetheless.

The Danaids

Meredith Patterson

Shing Khor's artwork introduced me to a Greek myth I hadn't heard of before: the story of the Danaids, forty-nine sisters who killed their husbands and were sentenced to an eternity in hell. Her picture got me to thinking about how they might feel after all this time, and this sonnet was the result.

I Know the Way Home

Natalia Kostylev

I wrote this in my LiveJournal in the middle of the night several months ago. I don't really know where it came from, but I've become rather fond of it. It's more like a vignette than a story, but whatever. I prefer vignettes I guess, because they're more in the moment and they don't move from that moment. Anyway, the quote at the beginning is what inspired it... the guy was going to be a samurai specifically in the beginning, but as I realized I didn't really know much about samurais, I decided to stay vague to avoid insulting the samurai tradition with my ignorance.

I Told Her

Daniel Bejan

It happened to you too, am I right?

44 - Intrigue In Inrar - Part 4

Rachel Pears

Part four, of a four part story. Mador (Master-Thief) suspects Senator Vellus is a member of the smugglers cadre. Zith (Assassin) buys him some time to look for evidence. N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen) gets out of control when discovered by members of the household staff. Please note this story does contain a fight scene that some readers may find disturbing. Note from the writer - please go easy on my grammar I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

A Whimsical Story

Raquel Boyce

A novice writer attempts to introduce to the reader the fantastic creatures that inhabit his household.

Introduction of Septimus

aksig SMc

Again, a small part of that large project...this is the introduction of Septimus.


T. Tyndell

My daughter requested another tale, so I wrote her a poem. Even though it's a bit sad, she laughed at the end, and I smiled the entire time writing it. Enjoy!

Twisting the Knife

Michael Ballmann

Well, this is a departure from my ordinary style of story-telling. It takes a much darker, much more narrative driven stance. And as far as placement within my fantasy world, this takes place SC 557 or SC 558, right before the 'Traitor's War' during the time period Ladren Vhrekin (which means: Unification Wars). Well, enough of that, enjoy the read!

The Old Pirate

Charity Harrell

The sad story about an old pirate and how he becomes alone. I think I might continue it.

The Plain Princess- Prologue: The Amulet of Charmia

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

A couple thousand years before the main story starts....a powerful soceress goes down into a catacomb to face off against an evil demon set on destroying the world, and her with it.

Knight and Dragon

Che Joseph Monro

A knight went out to fight a dragon...

The Red Fox


A loving husband is disgusted by the horrific events that play out in front of him which involve foxes, goats and his wife. Flash Fiction Challenge #1 Stimulus: Red fox eats goat The challenge is to write a flash fiction with a random stimulus.

Worlds Away

Deborah Cullins Smith

Angelica is a wife and mother who feels overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. One night a mysterious visitor named Lilith appears and offers her one wish. Angelica could not imagine the consequences and the horror of one little wish. This story was written as part of Herscher Project # 11. This is Part One. See Part Two for the exciting conclusion!

Lost Love

Nicolei Arnold

A sad, yet heart touching, story.

Promise Me

Chasyn Naskra

This is something that I've been working on for a rather long time now... I could never seem to get it quite right. Not even now! *grins* But ah well. That is why I am posting it! I want help and I want suggestions, so suggest away! Thank you!

My Wife

John Ingebrigtsen

A simple short story, though some have said it's a free verse poem...go figure. Anyways, a mix of depressing and happy, up to you all to decide which is dominant.

Blackavar's Cant -- poem

Anna Smith

This is one of what I call minotaur poetry. This just means that all deal with the minotaur -- as a symbol, as a people, and as my own personal reflection. It is minotaur tradition to create a song for the one you would court, or take as lifemate. Blackavar is like Derettahs, in that he's an oddity. Rather than go into why he's different, I'll just explain the circumstance. This, like Derettahs' Plea, was made for roleplay, and used in it. He didn't create this before he and Nerissa, a human, became mates, but after, actually in response to a festival that Nerissa celebrates, the Festival of Mabon. She told him a part of it was singing or offering poems, and told him hers. As a surprise, he created this cant, and offered it during the Festival after her own.