Chapter 2: In the Forest

Laura Jennings

A priest of the forest realizes an ancient power has been ressurected ...

Chapter 3: Lucky to Be Here

Laura Jennings

A defiant dancer desires past freedoms ...

The Unwanted Prisoner Pt 1

Jessica Cannon

Padpaw, a Lightfoot thief must flee her city and find her king to beg for freedom from an unwanted betrothal. Unfortunately, she is captured by a Romul warrior, a great enemy of her people.


Adriana Campany

The introduction into the world of a female Swashbuckler who braves waters, men, and is haunted by a wild and unfaithful past.

Chapter 1: Beginning the End


Ok, here is the beginning of my story, my book, which has no name (help welcomed) any ideas? Anyway, its about bag guys who are trying to take over the world, and good guys who stop them...or do they? You'll see, critisism and comments welcomed, helpful hints and corrections are please, feel free to comment and help me...I'm only a beginnger.


E Purington

1,755 Words Title undergoing construction...suggestions welcome. hokay. so. blame Panu for this ^_~ i've been in a fairly serious writing blockage thing and he challenged me: 'I dare you to write something unusual, a story which may be up to five hundred words long, but the minimum is 427. It must feature a clay god who ends up killed twice during the story, and a bald priestess with supernatural command over dust and sand... a holy place made of an unconventional material... a feigned attack and a ride of the wild ones (whatever they are) and unearthly trees covered either in snow or gemstone powder (or both).' so, yeah. basically, i did everything but the word limit...heh...

The Dead Prince

Kelli Armstrong

Prince Malek dies and something terrible takes his place. This bit is a bit disturbing if you're easily disturbed skip it!

Chapter 3...

Maureen Wolff

Akeena is introduced and she is following the black robe clan to rescue her father...

Magic in The World of Eld

Mikael Svensson

This is an explanation on magic in the world of eld, and is the background of the use of magic in my upcoming book The Lord of The Wild


Matti Spets

A poem about a man who has lived most of his life wandering the wilderness, and suddenly encounters a village full of people.


John Jr.

Merchants rarely see the harsher aspects of the realms, prefering the plush life of the upper class. Yet occassionally fate twists one wishes.

Chronicles of Bayne: Book 1, Chapter 2

Stuart Gray

Rough draft.  please tell mew what you like, what could use some work.  We get into the Bayne's curse here, when the group catches up with their bounty.(Ranton is a fictional town, and any actual existence of a town by that name in Mississippi is purely coincidental)

3 : Castle Caran

Milla Lindqvist

Now we find out just how much trouble Sares did cause by saving Windsong's life.

Delilah's Prophecy- Chapter One

Laura Lowes

Thanatos is a dark knight and he's about to be sent on a mission to retrieve King Marquiste's next bride. But retrieval isn't easy, Princess Liyana is being held captive by a dragon called Steele and then there's the fact that he expects to be asked to rid the king of his latest bride as he has had to do with the others and after their long journey back to the palace....well things aren't the same and choices have to be made.


Susan Wright

A short story that is still being written, you kind of have to read it...

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8A

Anne Miller

Mabh finds out the truth about her dealings with Conri...

The Unwanted Prisoner Pt 3

Jessica Cannon

Reaching the Dwarven Capital of Kharvan, Arthur's care for Padpaw slowly develops.

Prologue Part 1 of 'Tide of Chaos' War of the Kin Volume 1

Graham Butler

This is the first part of the Prologue in my series, or kind of a part in the series. It just gives some background into what my little imaginative realm is like =D. Spelling checks are always welcome -_-'

Wild Child

Kiota Bandal

Um... a druid? A nymph? A figment of my imagination?

Wild Mind: Prologue

Amy Speakmon

This story is about a girl with an extraordinary mind that is capable of great things. The prologue gives you a glipse of what she is capable of and of her life, also introducing the villian.