Will (Part One)

E. Hanna

This is the story of person with a bad habit. This series is going to be long, I think.

Wings 7 (Forgiven)

Brandon Lee

When all is not lost... You will know how to stand again

The Will

J Taylor

The concept is based upon a dream I had one night. A man tells of his encounter with a woman from the ocean. This won unofficial judge's choice in one contest. It also won 3rd place Judge's Choice in the Fantasy Contest at Elftown.

The Hounds of Will

Rondel Linder

I sometimes find it difficult to explain to people just how integral the language of myth is, to the way I think. The following poem, however, does an excellent job of illustrating the point - I wrote it when I was 11, the year I broke with my father. It was not until years later, looking at this piece (I had always seen it as 'Hound of the Baskervilles' meets 'Dowie Dens of Yarrow', in Freddy Krueger's dreamworld), that I saw it for what it was - my mind attempting to communicate something to me in the language it speaks best. The hounds now remain a part of my personal myth cycles.

Fallen Destiny: Part One, The First Memory

Matthew Brill

Zalrath, the beginnings of my main character.

The Ghosts of Cartel 2

Tegan Elliott

A story of mystery, faeries, ghosts and the tragic lives of two young lovers.

Aihika Ch1 - Wind Whispers

Rafael Teles

 Meet John and will, two friends on a peculiar village on the middle of misty forest, apparently away from all harm... for now...

Untie My Wings: Chapter 5 - The Sun Sets

Sophie Hansen

After Alec dies, ownership of Alleah is officially transferred to Vlad. Her new home is miles away, and a long journey awaits.

Remember me (poem)

Mary Harrison

Another poem. Kinda morbid, but who cares?

The Mirror

Michelle Cipollone

This was the first story I ever wrote. It's about a girl with a tough home life who finds something that could change her life forever.

What You Will

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

A short piece for WoodWorks new competition- take your favourite Shakespeare scene and put a sci-fi fantasy twist. Winner is by popular vote, so if you like it I suggest you head on over. Make sure you check out the other entries though. Sarah Hogan has a very good entry in which I would highly recommend!

In So Many Words

K. Houseman

A bit of an experiment with movement and emotion. I decided it was an aspiring young author who had bottled their emotions all their life, and their mentor finally convinced them to release that bottled energy... in words.

Kloe of the Amazons 1: My Life.

Jamie Anders

A young girl whom has grown up in the shadows of Amazon Warrioresses. Is she really the shadow or the true Queen? You decide.

A Broken Promise

Judy Liu

A girl who keeps to her word and helps her one and only friend...

The Neo-Renaissance

Mark Sherry

English Assignment - Write a short story that uses as many of these words as possible. This one uses them all. A glossery is provided at the bottom for everybody who doesn't know their Elizabethan slang :). Got it back with an A+. Performed better than grade expectations on all things except dialogue. Well, since it IS an enriched english class...

The Dooming Rabbit

Corbett Robley

A soul tries finding its way to the light after enduring one hundred millennia in a gray place of fog and rain.

Dragon Ahead (Part 1)

William Clayton

Life on Earth has now evolved out of the muck and mire and at long last turns its gaze longingly to the stars. A bold group of Spacefarers sail forth to discover the answers to the mysteries shrouding the fate of prior voyages, led by a captain whose origin is as shrouded in mystery as some of his crew...

Creation of Idraffi

Tabitha Ruf

This story depicts the creation myth of the peoples of Idraffi, a continent on the world of Chatar.

Let's Poke It...

Bridgette Chaffey

So, after reading the fantastic and very skilled Laura Soret's 'A Conversation With Ones Self' I was inspired to create this work of utter and complete madness. It was inspired by those three little words: Let's Poke It. It features Will and Tristan, two brothers who everybody thinks are gay... :D God, I love annoying my characters! Will: Ahem, dont listen to her! She's bonkers, crazy, mad, a few french-fries short of a happy meal, you know- insane, and she made that up. WE'RE NOT GAY, DAMN IT! Tristan: Damn straight we're not. Anyway, he's more of a pansy than I am. *Bridgette gets control of her keyboard again* Thanks for that boys, now- READ MY DUOLOGUE! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

The Dark Night - Prologue - Part 1

Jayd Greenwood

its about vampires....living in secret in our world...the prologue is in the early 1800s....