Tears of Transformation

Jennifer OConnor

A water sprite turns into a tree spirit. Written 9th grade.

A Walk in the Woods

Rosie a.k.a female fred

I was bored one day, so I painted a picture of a phoenix, taking as my reference point a crimson topaz hummingbird. I then thought 'hmm.. I want to write something,' and this is what occurred

Shadows of the Future

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow laments the past, even as he looks to the future. Unable to fight destiny, he is forced to bear witness to a tragic fate involving his beloved Arëanna.

Uncomfort Zone

Heather Chenery

Okay then, this rough version of a scene in my book has been in my head for quite a while now. It's about when blood-sucking psycho vampire Marcus meets Willow, Fabien's little girl. I think he has an epifany (can spell).(Sorry Mods, I keep forgetting! 8|)

I. Hawthorn

Kristen Heritage

(The prologue to this is called Borrowed Moonlight. It's not necessary to read that first, or at all, but it's an option....  I'm just sayin'...)This is the first chapter of my mess of a novel-in-progress.  Here, you meet Willow, who is NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER, merely one protagonist whose point of view I occasionally use. Yes, I know it's a little slow.  Constructive criticism is welcome.This chapter, and the next, are set-up for the rest of the story.  It takes place in a quasi-Victorian fantasy world, where magic, politics and human nature are seamlessly intertwined. 

Why the Willows Weep

Melissa Canaway

When I first wrote "I'll race you to the sky" It had the phrase "Where the earth befriends the sky" in it. That phrase was left out of later versions, but I still loved how it sounded.So here it is....enjoy.


Ana Barbulescu

This is just something I wrote to cure my writer’s block. It’s like I forget what my characters are supposed to do so I’m stuck with a great character and no story. That’s why I got this non-character and maybe I’ll concentrate less on making him realistic and have him do something. Yeah…right… I just wanted to see if I could pull off a grumpy frog character.

Willow Grove: A Sonet

Guillermo García

This sonet came suddenly to me. It is a bit sad. The reason i used willows is 'cause willows are told to be the tree that opens the path in between this and the otherworld

Chapter 2 - Willow

Christina Redman

Io brings the amulet to Willow for inspection and advice.

The Faith

Tiara Gonzales

Its a fantasy version of religion.

Innocence Lost

Theo W Wallis

The third poem of the little fae set, this one takes a sadder turn though.

Weeping Willow

Adria Self

This is a story I wrote in 10th grade where we had to make up a myth about how something started. I always liked this.

Darkness or Light

K. Kantor

I wrote this story a few months ago for a writing contest at school, it didn't get very far and I've fixed it up a bit. alright so this story is about a light(good) elf who is being chased by evil vampires...the story doesnt tell u y though...u can either guess and tell me wht u think...or i may end up writing more of this story later, haven't decided yet.

The Willow

J. Schroeder

A short piece, but one of my personal favorites. I'm not sure what inspired it, but I just settled down at my computer one sunny afternoon with a vague idea and it all but wrote itself. Let me know what you think! (Revised March 2005)

Dialogues in Fantasyland III - the Weeping Willow

Noora Peura

I got inspired by my 'Weeping Willow' picture. Please see 'Dialogues in Fantasyland, part I' for more information

The Faerie Queen

Gabe Morrison

 I was experimenting with writing ballads and this is what I came up with.

The Willow 01

Katherine Bates

The realm of the fae, a new threat beckons on the horizon and the job can only be done by an assasin. An introductory chapter to something which is going to be much longer, just introducing my key characters and setting the basis for the rest.

Sevvie's Tale

Alicia Kilpatrick

Based on an RPG session between Sevvie (© Rachel Hull), Willow (© Julia Rashkovsky), Kanos, and Harmony. Told from the perspective of Sevvie Bloodraven. I'd like to mention that this has been edited from it's original format, and that the true story can be found on my private writing archive, Quill and Ink. You can also find more information about the story and it's characters at Aslua Studios' first webcomic, Bowspirit's Aim.


Lindsay Dewar

A poem about a moonlight faerie

The Willow Door

Christina Shockey

 This is one of the four stories which are now at the top of my list. I'm hoping to get it published, if its anywhere good enough. I hope so.... I'm working really hard on....Hope you like it!! =)