God's Door

j. lawrence

this isn't really a religous poem, to be honest, i don't think i believe in god. but this is really just me asking myself questions in a pretty strange format...

My Life for Yours

Laura Korska

I would really love to hear your opinions on this one. I know the title is not very good, so if you have any suggestions that would be great. I know the characters are nameless, but I just did not feel that they needed any. I felt names would get in the way. As well as describing the relationship between them, I left it up to your imaginations. Any comments and critiques are appreciated.

The Flower at the Window

Nim White

I wrote this many years ago, and I still use it in my concerts .... I guess you could say it has stood the test of time.

Mate Not By Choice

Trine Andersen

a vampire tells a mortal about how he seduce his victims

Drowning Man

Daniela Doyne

Hmm . . . I hope this actually makes it through the mods. The narrator amuses me, for some reason. Perhaps more than he should, considering this is only a short story. This was a tribute to a friend who's done a lot for me, and whom I love dearly. This was . . . well, my way of saying thank you. Wow. Amazing. This got Mod's Choice on the 28th of October, 2003. Thanks a lot!

Everywhere I Go

Beth Smith Madden

Just a poem I wrote describing one of the main characters in my story. She's a bit of an odd one...

The Laugh

Charles Trowbridge

Here's the fourth revision of The Laugh to be published here on elfwood. This time I had a real copy editor go through and help me with it, so all of those pesky 'isents' have been spelled correctly and all of that! Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for the help with it Whitman.

Just Another Sleeping Beauty

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

I dunno, is it too obvious? A challenge to use the words unicorn, blue, extravagant, window, and time.


nicole shaw

A bastard prince in a stressful dilemma.

The Silver Brooch - Chapter Six

Maria Elmindreda L

Miriel spends the day exploring Rawcaras, learns much about human architecture - and makes a new friend !

The unfinished Window Curtain

Erin Smith

I was inspired by own unfinished window curtain that just scared me one. I had to sleep with my blankets over my head wondering if something was going to attack me...but I had to make the story more interesting and feature a character that's not like me.

Inside, Through, and Beyond the Window

Kathleen Casey

That's it...The Window Series is done! And I decided to combine the last 3 chapters for space saving reason. Outside the Window (my first Mod's Choice!) is the first chapter... and these are the last three. All the chapters are short and they don't take that long to read =) Inside the Window: We start to get to know Celeste alitte and his feelings Through the Window: We discover the narrators secret and her 'power' over Celeste Beyond the Window: Through the power of time, we see suffering and heart break and eventually 'the end of it all'. (this i my favorite chapter since the first) Please leave comments, even if you only read one of the three chapters.

Unpredictable Values

Nicole Simoens

I’m not fully sure what to say for this one. I saw a line written in the cover of a book “the window is not the view; the window allows the view” which got caught on my mind. Then life ‘values’ also became something important for me to think about and eventually I wrote up this short piece. The story describes several different views on values through the greedy store owner, the Dark One who sees no lesser creature as less deserving, and the creature which is limited in it’s understanding but not in appreciation.

Sky Tower

Christina Shockey

 Yeah...err...very random, indeed.  I mean--its not every day you feel an uncontrollable urge to write about people imprisoned in a floating tower!!! Well, actually, I should probably let the story tell itself, shouldn't I? Hope you enjoy it!! =) 

The Window

Ashley Hanna

I actually wrote this as an entry for a writing contest. I'm content with it. Short, but still.

Heaven's Window

Brishen Marlow

Short, short story written for english class.

The Midnight Window

Emily Faerber

A companion piece to 'Red.' The same character is still adjusting to his conversion to a vampire, and this time he has to tear away from his family.

The Mythical Window

Lydia Barker

I wrote this when I was not in a great place. I am not a great writer by any means. please be gental. This is about a window that can be your saving grace or your nightmare. that's about it. how that you like it.

Window to the Soul

Jasmine Pang

I didn't plan to write this poem, I started off writing the last verse, then the rest...just came? Blame it on the exams...

The Window

Gioanna Rheumer

The window looks out over a ruined world, waiting to take it down.