Michelle Hart

I wrote this when I was about nine or ten, and typed it in as it was on the written page as I think it has a certain power to it.

Faerie Folk

Amy Jacobs

This is a poem about the fae.

A Gift on Awakening

Steve Reed

If wishes were wings, some pteraphiles might fly ... especially if another civilization needs some help from its own past ... {Prequel to 'A Fine Feathered Folly,' with an illustration by Dean Lee}


Alexa Adams

Written about a Lisa Snellings statue that Neil Gaiman mentioned in the introduction to Smoke and Mirrors. A small winged girl offering a feather to a man outside her cage while her captor sleeps nearby...

Nightrider Poem

Amanda Jacobs

This is a poem about an 'alter ego' of mine...

Amaranth - Part 1

Elie Pearson

One day on their way home from work Gaddiel and Abraham, the brothers Brown, find a creature that will change their lives forever.  While Gaddiel is increasingly wary of this new find Abraham is increasingly drawn to it.

Amaranth - Part 3

Elie Pearson

Whilst Gaddiel's panic grows, Abraham begins to fall deeper into Amaranth's spell.

Amaranth - Part 4

Elie Pearson

Sarah comes to a sudden realisation and things rapidly begin to go wrong.

Amaranth - Part 5

Elie Pearson

Abraham has never been more at peace, but peace was never meant to last...

One Day

Written for the Herscher Project #44, in which we had to use a song as inspiration.  The song I chose was "Wilderness" by Bat For Lashes.The story starts with a boy at the beach...

Danmeloc - Eyes of Three - Chapter 13

John Meyer

Chapter 13 of my book. one of my favorite becuase it centers on the crippled winged elf. 

The Tamer's Dance Ch. 1

James Stroman

This story is actually neither modern nor horror, but a fun piece all in all. This chapter outlines my favorite character, J'Kal, and his brother, J'Tpa.

The DreamSeer -- Ch. 3

Kathrine Keathley

The third chapter, and we meet a new character! I don't really know how much of a role he will play, but I like him, so we'll see...

Rhapsody for a Cat

Danielle Agar

This was one of our first assignments in my CanLit class so very long ago. We were supposed to write something autobiographical about a classmate. Most people did boring things like magazine articles. My friend Kat and I wrote fiction about each other. This isn't really very biographical at all, but it is very dreamy, zen-like, etc. And it's my only complete experiment with writing in the second person. The assignment included a cover illustration, which hopefully I'll scan someday, 'cause it's so darn appropriate. :)

Golden Tides

Alice Raven

Ok, this poem is REALLY about me saying goodbye to my first horse... because we had to sell him *although somehow he's still here ><* and I was really sad - I'd had him for six and a half years, and I was too tall to own him any more... so these are really MY emotions...

Mem'ry Fading

Stephanie Schauer

This story was written for my first semester of University. It evolved from an image I couldn't get out of my mind - a young woman watching a deer out of her window. It is also an exploration of what long confinement does to the mind.

Amaranth - Part 2

Elie Pearson

Things begin to get complicated when the wounded creature is discovered by another.

Departure Gate 02


Airports, I have come to discover, are depressing places; full of people either going away or being left behind. They are lonely places designed for the separation of souls. True, they can also be for reunions, but this story is for all those who have ever been left standing at the windows, watching your loved one fly away into the great unknown...

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Four-Fights and Feelings

Lindsey Andrews

After meeting the new stranger Tahn and challenging him, Kal'enal now steels herself to fight him. Both are confident of victory but who will triumph?

The Winged Beings of the Skies (Poem)

Elizabeth Davidson

Loosely based on my 'Raven' race, this was written 3 years ago, and it shows.