Michelle Hart

I wrote this when I was about nine or ten, and typed it in as it was on the written page as I think it has a certain power to it.

Meeting Demuri: possible COD chapter

Danielle Staab

This may or may not be included in the final cut of COD. Here Memnoch meets Demuri, a dragon cursed to live out his days as a horror. This was inspired by a pic at the WickedMoon card site. Check it out, but don't let that dragon fool you, Memnoch looks nothing like that.

Fallen Angel

Kelly Hunt

I originally wrote this to go with a series of pictures I drew. The poem pretty much describes the drawings too. It's not long but I like it.

city of Angels-Prologue

Elisabeth Jones

Yet another work-in-progress. The idea came from a girl whose been appearing in my doodles, I called her 'Alyx's angel' because she first properly made her way into Alyx's bday card, then she became a pic and then I decided to make her a story. here's the result but I'm not too sure what on earth the plot is...

A Brook of Frozen Glass

Leigh Erickson

Hmm... not quite sure how o describe this one... might blossom into something bigger... I quite like Ilieth... but anyway... this is for Gabs for either 500 or 750th commenter status... though I think she got both... regardless... it's for her and I'm glad to do as such! Oh yes... one warning before you begin... I think I dub this the darkest of my writings...

CotS: Chapter 3

Faraz Hussain

The ongoing story about Winterblaze. This one deals with how his powers first came out. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence, abuse).

Crimson, Chapter 8

Alyssa Green

The after math of a hectic night. I dunno. I'm not that good at coming up with descriptions.

The Glass Fields

Alyssa Green

So I've been a horrible person and I haven't uploaded anything in a very long time. I've started a story that won't be posted up here. :( However I'll try to upload some more stuff now and then. This story was written for a contest a while ago. I hope everyone likes it! Its a science fiction...


Elizabeth Steen

I was sitting on the dock, watching people enjoying summer. Jetskiing, boating, fishing, swimming. I closed my eyes and let the scents of the bay and sounds of the water take me away. This Amy Brown image sang to my soul and to this poem. Silver Tree


Daniela Doyne

Delirium continues, I guess. From a different point of view.

A Gift on Awakening

Steve Reed

If wishes were wings, some pteraphiles might fly ... especially if another civilization needs some help from its own past ... {Prequel to 'A Fine Feathered Folly,' with an illustration by Dean Lee}


Samantha Fortier

I haven't got a chance to post any forbidden children, but this story (its only a start and I have no idea where its going) Came from a prompt from my creative writing class. Where you had to write about a character with a secret he doesn't want to tell

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 18

Samantha Fortier

This chapter is a little faced paced. It may be a bit hard to follow, but I plan to work on it as I am able. Enjoy these updates, let me know if your reading.


Samantha Fortier

I know, another story that has to do with winged characters... well this is a story about a girl named Ellie whose boring life is changed when she finds michael a winged boy

Chapter 1

Tiffany Herrick

A war within a war. Between two kinds of people. Those with wings and those without.

Wish Child

K. Houseman

And it's back! *happiness* Again, this was inspired by a car driving alongside mine. In it were a man and a young girl, her hands folded on a white pillow. I couldn't help but wonder, 'where are they going?' Thus, Wish Child.

'Epic Tale' chapter 1

Caitlin Lander

First chapter of my 'Epic Tale' (working title, if you couldn't tell). This one actually shows you who the characters are on a basic level... *NOTE* any time you come across something in brackets (as in or such), it denotes that I haven't come up with a word for that object, or have edited something for uploading purposes

The Lioness

j. lawrence

This is on Kaba (finally. I added that little thing about the place, but never got around to putting up anything set there). Well, it's sort of on Kaba. John is in his own bed, sharing a dream with a friend on Kaba. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Yeah. Right. And please take note: this time there is only one small paragraph in a strange font. I'm so proud of myself! Things are winding up almost normal! im doing better! yay!


Kate Inquisition

Its abstract, mystical, mainly about the effect of drugs or euphoria by a gryphon, because to me, the category is well fit.

Liadan, Chapter 13

Abigail Scott

Tah dah! Finally, after many years of waiting, I have finally brought a new chapter of Liadan to Elfwood. I hope everyone really enjoys this! After leaving everyone on a bit of a cliffhanger for what was going to happen to Cyric, you finally have a partial answer here. Cyric's story, his past, is only just starting to get uncovered, so strap in and prepare for a great ride! This chapter also builds on Griffe's character and Liadan herself. But, for the most part, Liadan takes a back seat to the two men currently in her life. Please enjoy!