Blood as Wine

Kostas Mavros

This is a poem about a vampire who loved a human,but they had to be separated when she died and he had to live on...

In the Cold

L. Price

Just something I thought up one day, after reading 'The Ship who Searched' by Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffery.

Silver Winged Lady

Erin Murphy

I found an image of a little silver haired and winged fairy, sitting on a tree branch in the snow a while back and I fell in love with it. I wrote this story about her.

A Brook of Frozen Glass

Leigh Erickson

Hmm... not quite sure how o describe this one... might blossom into something bigger... I quite like Ilieth... but anyway... this is for Gabs for either 500 or 750th commenter status... though I think she got both... regardless... it's for her and I'm glad to do as such! Oh yes... one warning before you begin... I think I dub this the darkest of my writings...

The Winter Queen

Helen Raine

This is just a poem I wrote at christmas last year about the winter faery who brings the snow, or perhaps she's a winter goddess? Poems aren't my thing lol, but i do like the first verse.

'Winter Song'

Ben Peery

A poem about the Celtic death of the old year and beginning of the new.

The Wake of Winter

Brittany Dulay

This is the new version of my story 'Winter's Awake' and in my eyes it is a lot better. It tells of a story of how Winter (the season) is shunned by the world when it comes. In the end though, tears only create a beauty…A beauty between two…

Lady Winter

Elizabeth Steen

I'm a lover of nature, and nature inspires me greatly. Another time I may show Lady Autumn to the woods, but for now *waves her wing* I introduce thee to Lady Winter.

Who Remembers Persephone? (Part Two)

Cullen Groves

The second half of the story of Josif and Danel and their team of icewalkers... Though they've reached the base of the mountains, they must now surmount that challenge, and others moreover.

Autumn's Lament

Elizabeth Hawxhurst

Poor Autumn.

The Mark of The Dragon Chronicles: Chapter One

Maggie Flametail' Marsh

This is part of the first chapter of the book I have in the works...will finish it as soon as possible!

White Feathered Angel

Lisa Kitty' Bargielski

This is actually a short 'scene' I wrote for a reading in drama class. I had intended to make it into a story but quickly lost interest.. so this is all that remains. I wrote this last year, and I think it's inferior to what I do now, yet I resisted the urge to adjust it.

Small Selection of Horrific Stories

Bart Meijer

A couple of stories I wrote a few days ago. I tried to put in a subtle hint of horror, and I hope I succeeded, please comment!!

Summer and Winter

Beth Wren' Sanger

Read it and find out, I'm not telling you here...:o) I should have a picture to accompany it in a few months.

To My William

Elise Cannon

In my integrated studies course we had to write a letter to someone special that was about one moment in our life. This letter means a lot to me and was very hard to write.


Alana Poirier

A somewhat sad/nostalgic poem about what might happen if Spring and Autumn were to be personified into lovers...


Julia Page

Inspired partly by Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Snow Queen' and partly by the Japanese 'Snow Woman', a harbinger of death who steals away the souls of travellers lost in the snow.

The Lady of the North

Imelda Weijers

A short story I wrote for a contest for Renderosity Magazine - Issue 8. Theme: A Winters Tale. The biggest problem I had was staying within the limit of 1000 words. It meant I had leave a lot out of it. I've rewriten the story, put everything I had to take out back in. You can read the Extended Version here (Image created by myself, using Poser and Photoshop)

Promise - Part 01 - Sacrifice

K. Gripp

This started with an idea that I've had in my head for years now, and I finally decided to put something down on paper. It is the first part of what should become a decent story. The first part introduces some of the main characters and as the story progresses other things will become more apparent. Let me know if you like it by leaving a comment and I will hopefully write the rest of the parts faster.


Samantha Knapp

Something I wrote on a boring Saturday, leafing through pictures and sighing in lonely discontent. You know those days.