Dragon Wise

Joanna Byrne

a poem that tell a story. I suppose you would call it a ballad. any ways the story is about the Dragon who guards Wisdom and Treasures. Enjoy it!

Triuncula Chapter 1

Stuart Ferguson

A farmer's son and a blacksmith's son compete for a great gift of fate.

Black Magic

Frank Berendsen

The wise girl Mephala, who already lives for thousands of years, is asked to do a spy mission for the prince at a guild of Black Mages. It's rumoured that they do terrible things to people...

Maradon 03 - Helpless

Peter Sunnergren

The story continues and takes a turn of events that Erlan can not prevent.

Wisdom of the Sage

Paula Lenon

 Wise words this one speaks. He knows exactly what you seek. Will you listen to all he has to say? Will you stop and with wisdom stay?

Moving Slowly

Chris Poole

Moving slowly not to be confused with laziness. Not really fantasy just wisdom.

A Word to the Wise: Interspecies Communication

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

When the ruling Triumverate of Alumire form an alliance with the leaders of the giant owls- known as the Council of Feathers- a new form of warfare unit is born: the airborne combat team. Of course, being at the front line of this new development as a student of the Towers of Midnight Song, Ariel and the Banshees are asked to compose a manual about their experiences with this new development. This is Ariel's entry on Interspecies Communication.

Maedyn the Wise

Garon Whited

Wisdom does not always come with age, but that's the way to bet.


Galit Oren

This is about an old wise wizard, that a young woman looks up to. It is said through the voice of the woman.


Kyle Hughes

This is a poem/story about the Wise Woman of a village telling her apprentice of the power of dreaming. The Wise Woman tells her apprentice what she sees in her (the Wise Womans')dreams. What will the apprentice see when she is Wise Woman? I'm not sure if I like this one too much, so critisism is accepted. Please tell me what you think.

Evyar and the brave captain

Sinisha Djuricic

About bagpiper Evyar and a captain who tought he was brave

Esteliel's story

Maria Grenlund

This is a story I'm working on. Or, have been working on... I've had a break for about three years, but I now intend to continue writing it. This is, as I said, the beginning, so if you have any ideas of what may happen(although I have the main story ready in my head) feel free to tell me. And, yes, I know this is very Tolkien inspired (I do not claim that I'm the smallest bit near of writing like the master, only that this may look like an imitation or fan fic, but it's not). At the time when I began this story the content in my head was all Tolkien... So it naturally has coloured a bit of the story. But I hope that you'll see that this is a story of my own, when I write more of it.

Tales of the Technos

Joy 'Kyrela' Kirkwood

I began writing this one in April of 2002. A few days ago I realized that I had this and should probably do something with it. So I finished the short story that I had started. It takes place long after the original plot, and sets the stage for the secondary plot to take over. I probably do not have enough time or initiative to finish this one (let alone start it...) so don't expect much more of this. But who knows? I may surprise myself. Update 08/20/03: My friend and I have a fantastic idea to turn this into a computer game after he starts his game/software company. Although it's a long, long way off and might not even happen, I won't post any more for fear of ruining it. This is one of the most complicated cultures I have ever created for a story, ever. I have provided a glossary for your convience.

Forbidden Dreams - Prologue

Bethan Jones

A wounded Elfin woman rescues a small child but, hunted, takes her to the only safe place she knows; the home of Rharkir, a wise old dragon.

Carved in Stone

Hannah Smith

Does Fate really control our destiny?

The Legend of the White Hart (NEW POEM)

Tansy H. Pye

James Bowers in his infinite wisdow has set up a little writers circle this was the first project he set. The project was to write a poem using the words Aim Boon Decy and Wise. This was what I came up with.

The Thieves of West Haven

Chris Poole

Chapter one. A story about, well, you read it.

Peddler's Cry

Brian Bergstrom

It sorta speaks for itself.


Roriel Lim

Just a simple poem on what the humble light means and brings to various creatures.

The Wish of the Wise Woman

Megan Balanck

Another English task. This is a re-telling of the old folk tale of Hansel and Gretal.