Just One Wish

Chelsa Dagley

The story of a very special girl, in more ways than one.

The Necromancer

Guillermo García

This story I wrote (the beggining at least) at my Language Art's class at school; after a thousand re-writings I ended up with this. I am not fully satisfied with the ending, it could be better but.... anyways, the names are inspired in my two crazy friends (both girls mind you) Yunuen (Yaweil..) and Frieda (Ferelil). It has ilustrations but... well I still haven't been able to put them (I dont know how). Jejeje

Wish Child

K. Houseman

And it's back! *happiness* Again, this was inspired by a car driving alongside mine. In it were a man and a young girl, her hands folded on a white pillow. I couldn't help but wonder, 'where are they going?' Thus, Wish Child.

Night Blindness

Cathryn Faerwald

Night Driving and Papa Roach: I ignored the Warning: Don't Mix label, as usual.


Kirsty Morrison

I felt like writing a story randomly so I did. Originally it was going to be pretty basic with a lovely happy ending etc etc but as I wrote it it developed the little dark twist at the end. I'm glad it did as I think it makes it a little different. Unfortunately most of Kai's personality and issues are taken from personal experience. The lesbian thing happened, but the shooting stars did not lol.

My Wish

Hugo Schalkwyk

In the days before I loved I wished for love finding none, hating the search.

All the Time in the World

Chris Jackson

What would you wish for? What would you get? Be careful.... Project 11 for the Hersher Group. Thanks again Jim!

Recaptured: Chapter One

C. Seidel

Inspired by an Evanescence song, this is one of my better pieces. Detailed beginning of Lir's story, and how even the jaded can sometimes believe.

The Car

Michael Viar

A rare example of something that I did which had nothing to do with lupines, dragons, or anything else of the sort. Instead, it was just one of those days when I wish I could stop reminiscing on some of the not so pleasent things in the past.

What to Get the Fairytale Princess With Everything

sarah-amy haley

You would expect the fairytale princess lifestyle - constantly being lavished with gifts, having your every whim tended to - could easily lead to bratish behaviour…You would be right…

The Box of the Queen

Marie de Bellefeuille

A young fay with no wings, a wish box, a Faery queen... what will come of it?

Unforgiving wishes


This is actually 'Starlight.' I just tweaked it a little bit. WEll little is actually a lie. It took me about three hours to get it into how it is now. It's (obviously) longer, and I hope that you all enjoy it a little bit more. ** I am actually looking for an artist to do an art trade on this one. I would LOVE to see my star-woman on paper. If you would like to contact me that would be wonderful, but do it soon because I am looking for artists at the moment. Ah yes, in return I can write you almost anything you want.**

Now and Forever (poem)

Mary Harrison

This is what happens after I sit outside for half an hour in the rain. ^_^

The Wish

Sloan Girl' Moore

My teacher Jeff went around the class one day asking us all if we had one wish what would it be. Well when he got to me i gave a smart butt answer and said 'Nothing!' When he was finished he said 'Ok now I want you to write a story about your wish and add a twist at the end!' And this is the story! Enjoy!

The Star Well

Laura Birdsall

(Meant to be read after 'Gilded Ice'!!) After journeying into a strange world at the heels of 'Lo, Via, and Cairn, embark on the journey of another strange pair: Dûna and Jhiha. The innerworkings of the strange world you have entered begin to reveal their true nature, just as the ancient Thread Peddler reveals the etheral Dûna's true nature. (Note: argentum somnium funis is latin for silver dream cord)


Mandi Blake

Tis a poem! YAY!! lol.. well.. it's a bit out there. but.. I'm sure you'll all understand my spaciness..

But Most Of All

Ashli Black

I wrote this when I was in one of my more poetic moods. This is not the usual way that I write poetry, I'm more for the Whitmanesque style, free-form, but it felt right for this piece. It's still unpolished, so write me comments, please!

The Misfortunate Misunderstandings: An Unlikely Junction of Souls

Michelle Schmitz

When Peter was a young boy he was cursed by a terrible witch. In effort to reverse this he goes off to find her to demand she fix him. On his journey he meets others who experienced the same fate. He even gains a few companions along the way.

The Quill (Part 9)

Julia Gilstein

Once again, I've been extremely busy and haven't done as much with this as I've wanted to. But here it is, with a reappearance of old characters.

One Wish

Christian Steiner

This is a story that just came to my mind someday. Had to write it down. Hope you like it. (It is one of many legends told in the world I created.)