Tears of Transformation

Jennifer OConnor

A water sprite turns into a tree spirit. Written 9th grade.

the Unicorn

Derek Dykes

This tale sprang out of me when my daughter was in the womb. It was the first story I wrote for her. She is now living out of the city, and in the country, but no longer has the faery closet.

The Wishing Tree

Kat Napthine

A broken faerie wishes... http://www.elfwood.com/~bonedust/The_Wishing_Tree.2581462.html

Bless Your Heart

William Clayton

A fairy sort of sang this song to me, long ago...

Spring Rains

Alexander Damien

This is the short piece that I ended up writing for the Seasons Change contest in the community that I mentioned in the unfinished Superhero Stuffs piece. I liked it, and am trying to write a novel based on it, but it's going pretty slow. I hope you like it, I think it's interesting. XD

One Wish Too Many

Alia Jory

Who gives the wishes our stories tell about? Do they want to or do they have to? And do they intend for them to go wrong?


Mandi Blake

Tis a poem! YAY!! lol.. well.. it's a bit out there. but.. I'm sure you'll all understand my spaciness..

Regina's Queen Dream

Lacie Scott

This is also a VERY (note the uppercase letters) short intro. It's about a woman who meets a witch who grants her 3 wishes. She soon finds out that having everything you want isn't everything you want.

Ryia's Wish (A unicorn's tail)

Sarah Schaeffer

Detail's, details, the devil's always in the details. Here's a story about elves and unicorns.


Caroline Nash

*smiles* theres those little people I have been talk'in about. Enjoy.

Worlds Away

Deborah Cullins Smith

Angelica is a wife and mother who feels overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. One night a mysterious visitor named Lilith appears and offers her one wish. Angelica could not imagine the consequences and the horror of one little wish. This story was written as part of Herscher Project # 11. This is Part One. See Part Two for the exciting conclusion!

Worlds Away Part Two

Deborah Cullins Smith

Angelica's story continues, as Lilith pulls a few more strings and digs her deeper and deeper into this new life. Suddenly a simple life isn't all it's cracked up to be!


Eliza Hemington

This is a story I wrote when I was only 12. It was also for English class, and had to be a fairy tale. (A 1999 piece)

Night (poem)

Alison Grills

What can happen after dark

The Drunken Wanderer (poem)

Eliza Hemington

I wrote this poem with one of my good friends, who happened to sign my guestbook as Laurie-girl. It's really a very odd poem, but quite interesting, if I do say so myself. And I know it is somewhat random, and there are some rhymthm problems, but hey... (A 2004 piece)

Lover's Lane: Wishes

Aileen Martinez

Second part to Lover's Lane series.

Starfall's Child

Patricia D´Angelo

Reworked this a little bit.  This piece started as a prompt from a friend, where she held a contest for others to interpret the words of her young son's wonderful little story.  I thought his prompt had quite the fairy tale feel to it, so that was how I expounded on it.  Yes, I do have permission to use the prompt and post my story.

chapter 1, first part, of the water garden

Gwladys Sarie

This is the first part of the first chapter of a short story I wrote for my sister and it is about a family and a garden in a lake...They live with naiads, sirenes, undines, elves, fairies...

Moon Dance

Leah Kresl

This is a poem about a lycan who can only change at night and no longer wants to be human.

Flirting With Fairyland

Lily Archer

There's a price for every wishing well... (Poem)