The Power Within (Chapter 6)

Alicia Hansen

The next chapter in my tale . . .

The Power Within (Ch.1)

K. Birchfield

Six totally different people get thrown together in this epic tale of love, laughs, and well, fights. As the story progresses they learn that being the best isn't the only thing that matters . . . * * * The first chapter, is rather explainitory, but hey? How good could the story if you have no idea what the hell is going on, right? Lol. *^_^*

To know...

Simone v.d. Kaaij

Surviving pain and despair gives you power. This one is for Ivan...

Children of the Botanica - II - Halzari

Jorge Gutierrez

As our lovely Domi begins to explore the treacherous forests of the island she starts to prospect her own spirituality by delving into an age-old dilemma--looking to the Halzari, the stars that adorn the night sky, for assistance.

Demon Within

Julie Becker

.. sometimes the demon we face in our life seems to acquire a personality all its own...and wins..



I wrote this a while back, decided to post it. ( Please, no horrible comments on this, I was like 10 when I wrote this.) I don't have a story name It's about a teenage girl, who meets a boy. However, this is no ordinary boy, and she is no ordinary girl...

The Power Within (Chapter 7)

Alicia Hansen

And the next . . .

Chapter 2: Revelation

Rochelle M. Michael

Here we have chapter 2 (or chapter 3 if your keeping up Xp)

Chapter 1: Heaven Sent

Rochelle M. Michael

Here we go with chapter 1 (Or if you want to call it, chapter 2 X3)

Prologue: A Fallen Star

Rochelle M. Michael

Well this actually started as a dream and has gone from there.

Chapter 4: Unknown Origins

Rochelle M. Michael

If your to this point, I need not say anything XD

The Power Within (Chapter 8)

Alicia Hansen

And the next . . .

The Dream Within

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Isn't it amazing what you can whip up on the bus ride home? Partially inspired by a song of the same title on the Final Fantasy (the movie) soundtrack and dedicated to the ANZACs- simply because they are the reason I am alive and free to write such things. Lest we forget

The Power Within (2)

K. Birchfield

The second chapter. Yeah, um, well, they set out, and the story picks up. Ya know, it's kind of hard to describe with out giving away the plot twists *unforunatly something I'm terrible at doing*


Anna Young

 This is one of my many poems that I have written. Well, maybe not really a poem, not really a story either...I'm not really sure what to call it exactly. I guess that is one of the things you can decide, as well as how you like it (please let me know both of these answers!) Like I have said before, I just kind of go along and see where the writing takes me. 

The Power Within (Chapter 9)

Alicia Hansen

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