The Man's Best Friend

Janelle Whitehead

This is a small chapter in the life of 15-year-old Daniel, a wizard on his dad's side (unbeknowngst to his mother) and crush-ee of a 12-year old red-head.

The Good Guys Don't Always Win. (Fantasy Story)

Daron MacQueen

Short story written for class. First story in grade 9. Almost perfect marks. Do you think I deserved it? The mage is based off a friend of mine's role play character. Rahlaer. The description of Kadessa is put up as well. It was only supposed to be a short story.. So I didn't get much of a chance to tell what she looks like. And so I love her description.


Delyth Williams

The elf relaying this tale is the same elf in the Haiku; she's rescuing a wizard whee


Dewi Morgan

I've no idea when I wrote this one. Sometime in University? It was for a character background for a Dark Sun game. Strange that two of my stories up here are for thief characters: I almost never play them. A fairly naff one, I'm afraid (lots of 'tell' and no 'show') so this one will probably be one of the first to be removed if I ever hit my max number of stories.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Nine

Gene Erno

The Prudence of Frederick King Daemon Frederick the thirteenth sends aid to the dwarfs of Stoneharrow.

Green Cloak Brigade

Micah English

Nazgrim story #4. Nazgrim stumbles across party of cliche heroes in the woods. Hits on the women, tries to murder the men. Possibly the most humorous Nazgrim story I'll ever write, and yet still a little tainted with anger, guilt, and sadness, as necessary.

Cyber Sorcerer

Evan Mansker

this is about a man who's caught up in a dream of magic... he's living in a computerized world and mixes the two worlds together, sorcery and cyberworlds...

Prophecy Story: The Second Bit

Erin Luce

In this second installment of the story (no title yet!), the children are forced to endure their separate punishments. We meet some new characters, including Gorrid the butcher, the mysterious Evie, and the falconer Sir Edwin. And let's not forget the precious animals who make their appearances: a small insect, some hawks, a cockroach, and a dead pig.

Prophecy Story: The Third Bit

Erin Luce

If you've read my other stories, then you have probably discovered that portraying evil characters is one of my weaknesses. Take Jolanda, for example: she may seem evil, but deep down, she really does have a loving heart. Even Cow-cow, my evil-est character yet, pretends to be good for a while. So when I was faced with writing about this truly evil person, I could not see how I could write a Bad Guy without making them seem too comical or painfully overdone. Eventually, I did come up with a solution – but as I reread it, it seems like a stupid idea. Anyway, I would love to hear your opinion on this matter, or really, any other matter concerning this story, because any comments are good!

The Books of Narevyn - Altan & The Nathaniels

Tim Everett

This is an excerpt from the novel I am working on. The novel is tentatively named 'The Books of Narevyn'. It's classified as 'epic fantasy' for some retarded reason. I disagree with that classification because I don't want to be pigeon-holed. Please read and review. Let me know what you think. I also have copies of this on my DeviantArt page and my Myspace page.

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 6: The Archers Alone Part I

N. Henry

Joined now by stoic Dwarf-Captain Dirk, all that stands between the League and their allies and the Human Capital of Acissej is enigmatic Nreyon Forest, Barbara's ancestral homeland and home now to a King driven mad...

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 2: Something's Rotten in the City of Damarask

N. Henry

The League, pursued by a Goblin force, attempts to seek sanctuary in the Wizard-City of Damarask, a City that their Wizard, Taiko, was exiled from many years before

League Reunited Prologue

N. Henry

A preview of the upcoming sequel to immensely successful 'The League of the Second-Best,' and a look into the past of one of everyone's favorite characters...

League Reunited, Chapter 3: Inside Information

N. Henry

Equipped now with the Gifts of the Mighty, the League makes their way to the origin of the spectacular map that led them on their great quest in the first place, the legendary city of Amphiroth and it's patron, Lady Zaren.

Origins of the Sensational Six

N. Henry

Long before the League of the Second-Best, there was the Sensational Six...

Amulet of Zareth- Part 2

Lauren Manglitz

Break in the action, to learn more about the characters and what the story is about. Please leave comments or suggestions!!!

Amulet of Zareth- Part 1

Lauren Manglitz

One of the main characters meets the wizard that will send her on an important quest and starts a barroom brawl. Please leave comments and suggestions!!!

N. Bonina

Princess Fye grew frusterated with royalty and decided to visit Earth. After all, anything's better than having to listen to all those lectures, right? She soon finds that Earth is not as safe as she expected.


Catrine Sandal

Thirain is an old character of mine, central in my novel series. He is one of the villain's generals, although he frequently travels around the world without anyone knowing who he is. He is thousands of years old, one of the most powerful magicians in the world, and tend to be underrated. As you will see. This is just a small story I put together one day, it's not my best, but not my worst. Written quite a while ago, but I've never uploaded it before now. I hope it's correctly categorized - the novel series is high fantasy, so I tend to think of everything concerning it as that...


Dawn Jansen

This is a possible prologue to my book. I am still not completely satisfied with it and I am open to suggestions. I'm one little insecure writer. Thanks for your feedback