Ethan Lawson

A young man is forced to become the leader of his village when the hunters die and the food supply has run out.

Stray Principle: Part 3 and 4

Deborah Sutherlin

Nora and the wolves must work through their grief and attempt to survive.

The Battle

Betsy K.

This is what the world will come to one day, the animals and all mythical beasts will no longer stand for their human oppressors and will fight back and rule once again.

The Mark of The Dragon Chronicles: Chapter One

Maggie Flametail' Marsh

This is part of the first chapter of the book I have in the works...will finish it as soon as possible!

Mortal Brother, Immortal Sister chapters 1-2

S. Jordan' Zindel

This story is about a young Elven woman who just happens to be the twin sister of the ruling Mortal king. They haven't seen each other since they were eight, when their parents seperated them. She also happens to have Elven magic. She must convince her brother of who she is and fight an evil that is too close to home for comfort. Did I mention that all Elven Mages are supposedly evil?

Howling (poem)

Charlene Longwell

I just wanted to show people some of the stuff I start, but hardly finish. :)

Conjured Wolf

Rochelle Watts

Spirit magic is, if you ask me, the most powerful. I wrote this so very long ago too.

Lone Wolf Pt IV

Klair Scattergood

The saga continues... No links because those of you reading the long route already get it by now - and we're both uploading two stories :O so the links don't exist yet...

Fleu du Elgoria Part II: Chapter IX

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Well, this is my first update for my book in a long while. I've been focusing much lately on writing short stories and academic articles, but I'm still working on this, my baby, for sure! Within these pages the Protectors of Righteousness arrive amid an air of magnificence to Sardonia, their safe haven whilst they regroup and rebuild for an assault on Anthra. For those who read this story, or who have, please note that Hans' (King of the Elves) name has been changed to Rowan.

Spirit of a Wolf ch 3-4

Sarah Askew

Lilliana is faced with new challenges as she sees more of the prince's servant. She also has to deal with the loss of something very valuable to her. Read the story to find out.

There Are Wolves 2


Chapter Two: Corey dreams of a tragic event in Bastien's past.

The Beginnings: Part 3 Intro

Steve Melka

This is the first portion of the next part of the beginnings. I'm doing some heavy editing and that's why it's not complete for this first upload. (the original is quite old now and i'm a little more wise in my writing skills)

Godhunter XIV: The Great Pack

Jake Diebolt

With Arin, Ysdril, and the captive Casia in pursuit, the Godhunter begins a continent-spanning path of destruction...but not without purpose. As the war among the gods draws to a close, Asgath is eager to strike at G'rell, and Casia's prophecy of the Moon's Fall seems about to come true...

Wolf Leader

Kelly McCarthy

This was for a school project and the subject was "Twisted Fairytale". I twisted Lion King BIG TIME. You probably already guessed how much I did.That day I was in the mood for a fight and decided to include the dark and quiet wolf. My fav character is a black wolf with green eyes so that is the main character: ThunderHope you enjoy the read!P.S. My teacher entered it into a contest so I guess it's pretty good! =3

Carnival Wolves

Urpo Lankinen

Two explorers venture in the heart of wooded valley to discover something, well, *cute*.

Etain Chapter 1

Amber Hill

Chapter One of Etain. Etain is a world completely without humans, technology, and civilization. It is pure wilderness, where nature is magical, tragic, and beautiful. Meet Chagrin and Arron, a pair of wolves mated for life unless seperated by Natural Law. not right in the northern forest of Etain.

Following Ragnarok Glossary

Angela Perry

Hopefully, this little file will clarify some of the odd names in Following Ragnarok. Included is an explanation of the worlds, a glossary of people and events, and a list of references (if you want more info). Very boring to just read, I would imagine ;-)

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8C

Anne Miller

Mabh has held out, but is it enough?

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part Nine

Anne Miller

Mabh (Fiona) and Oisin try to make an exit from their life with Conri. Unfortunately, things don't go smoothly. Mabh is forced to make a choice...

Fianna, Wolves in Ireland, Part 8A

Anne Miller

Mabh finds out the truth about her dealings with Conri...