C. Corbin

Ok, this is a prologue to a much longer story I'm writing, and it's based on a dream I had. I like it alot.

Chapter 1: Simon's First Adventure

Daniel Cyr

This is gonna be the first chapter of my first book: Simon's First Adventure. Now I KNOW it sounds a bit like a kids book, with that title, but it's all I could think of. Anyway, this was actually all roleplayed, but I just added a bit of flavour, to add to the story. Otherwise it'd be cheesy. Enjoy!!

Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

The Sleeping Castle

Jessie Fleischfresser

My own take on 'Sleeping Beauty.' Sick of waiting for your prince to come? Might be time to take matters into your own hands.

Governor of Shaia

Asrae Sinia

When a war between man and heaven foreced to the King of the Gods into making a decision to prevent it from happening again, no one could have guessed what was to happen.

Mr. Picky

Elizabeth Avent

This story has Dark Fairy Queen in it, a character that will appear alot in my writtings, I stoled her from Natalie Batsch!!! hehe. (Yes, I asked first.) Well, This really does actually have a meaning to it... I know it's rather long... I got carried away with my character. I think women will find this funnier than men... so *warning* don't yell at me, okies? It does have powers in it. Well.. read with caution!!! Yes, it does get *kinda* confusing, but hopefully not too much!

The Road to Ennion, chapters three and four

Louise Boucher

The journey continues and the plot thickens! You must have some ideas about what has been going on in Lorne by now and I'd enjoy hearing what they are, as well as the usual comments and constructive criticism. I hope you find this part enjoyable, there are even some comic moments. And I'd better mention my sister Rebecca who helped with some of the editing and laughed at the jokes! In Chapter Four a character called Asphodel(us) is mentioned, I can't give too much away about him but he's really important to the overall story and I love him to bits, really, *whisper* even more than Haydain! The next part is on it's way.

Forbidden Existance Chapter 2

Ivy Charlotte

This is Chapter the Second of Forbidden existence. Let us return to the tale the bore forth from the dark corners of consciousness and reality, from the places where they meet and become forever entwined together.


Alex White

I've been working on some fantasy ever since 2009 started. I decided to forget everything i have ever read about fantasy and started making races and places of my own! this story doesn't include any of the things you have read before. it is totally from scratch. i'll try to post everyday on my blog, and then upload it here every once in a while. check it at Alex

The Swallow Nest 2

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The retelling of the Arkethame wars. Chapter 2: Blood and sand

The Swallow nest

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The retelling of the Arkethame wars. Chapter 1: Death and destruction

Emerald Rouge part 2

April Cain

part two of the lovers


Jason Romein

This is a story which features one of my characters who goes by the name of Ross de la Kerr. I'll let the story describe him for you.


Niels Rasmussen

Well thats me if I was a vampire!

The Hidden Star, Part 2: Light

RĂșnar MagnĂșsson

A long time has passed since the sanctuary was last breeched. Now a group of adventurers hopes to succeed where all others have failed.

Bad Day

Logan Pickup

Sometimes even a bad day can turn out alright.

The Way Things Work

Lydia Fleming

Forgive me all of you male readers out there... *grins*

Night's Eye 1: Prologue

Eeva Kulmala

This is the beginning of a story I've been planning for 5 years or so... I have translated it on my own, and as English is not my mother's language, there minght be some mistakes... Tell me if there are some. And please, please, please comment!

This Place

Nicolei Arnold

Innocence is not justice, and the price of assumption can sometimes cost more than you know.

From the Shadows (Poem)

Matthew Leach

This is a poem written from a stalker's perspective.