J. 'Vi' Jacobs

Wrote this awhile ago. I was experimenting with free verse at the time.

Chapter 02 - The Tunnel, Part 1

Melissa O´Dowd

Well here's chapter 2 (its in 2 parts cos its too long otherwise, trying to encourage people to read all of it). There's a couple of sub-stories that I'm having issues with (namely Jalithe's whole story) so if it seems a little disjointed in parts, this will be why. Any suggestions are as always, greatly apprieceted.

I Sit and Cry

Rhonda Jezek

Inspired by this beautiful silver ring I have with peaches and leaves and the moon on it. Also inspired by the rather earth-shattering thought that my body is capable of bearing children. Can you believe that? In my body! A teeny tiny thing that looks like a fish.. And not just me, every woman on the planet! Isn't that strange?

Amaranth - Part 1

Elie Pearson

One day on their way home from work Gaddiel and Abraham, the brothers Brown, find a creature that will change their lives forever.  While Gaddiel is increasingly wary of this new find Abraham is increasingly drawn to it.

Amaranth - Part 3

Elie Pearson

Whilst Gaddiel's panic grows, Abraham begins to fall deeper into Amaranth's spell.

Amaranth - Part 4

Elie Pearson

Sarah comes to a sudden realisation and things rapidly begin to go wrong.

Amaranth - Part 5

Elie Pearson

Abraham has never been more at peace, but peace was never meant to last...

The Shore of Wonder

Lim Hao

This is a historical story that was craved in Layrayday's memory. Being a carrier of his blood, Arcum relates this story to Lavina, a Wyxie.

The Tear

Stacy Goll

A poem of wondering, wishing, waiting.

The Wizard's Firework

Holly Johnson

This poem is about a mage's firework, and the delight that he and the children watching find in it.

Amaranth - Part 2

Elie Pearson

Things begin to get complicated when the wounded creature is discovered by another.

The Awakening

Julie Becker

There are those that know what I'm talking about...this might be lost on most others...

Deceiver, part two

Andreia Diónis

I Stay

Julie Campbell

I finally got the guts to upload some of my poetry. Be nice, or I might have to put a curse on you...

Lonely Moonlight

Jarrott Farrell

A unicorn on a world....all alone..

Song of the Earth

Clara Aden

Nice little poem about the power of the Earth.

Illusions (Poem)

Rachel McCausland

I originally started this as a sort of poem (obviously) about Erith's feelings when she finds out that Ajan can't see Taye/Demon. Anyway, I realize it's rather short, but then, most of my poems are. Enjoy, or at least I hope you do. ^_^


Tisha' Angel' Watson

A poem written on the spur of the moment.



A newborn baby girl left under a tree that experiences four seasons within twenty-four hours. And her little companion is worried that the last sound he'll hear on earth is her cry.

Lost in Eternity-Chapter One

Alexis Callaway

This is a little something I put together last minute. I think it turned out pretty well. It is still kinda rough though, Im gonna work on it! No worries. Anyway...Im lookin for crushing critism. So, please dont tell me its good unless it really is. Puh-leez! Thanks! *blows kisses to everyone*