Mithandrale, 1st installment

Emily MacKenzie

This is the first chapter of a novel which I have been writing for a long time, and have got quite a lot further with than I usually do. i can really see this one going somewhere, but i'd love to know what you think of it and whether or not you'd like me to post some more up.

Chapter Three: The Lady of the Wood

Angela Fraga

Elduvil journeys to the east to seek for help and counsel from an old friend and kinswoman, in an ancient grove.

Tears of the Holly


this is the result of a celtic calendar challenge from the illustrious Jenna Morgan . Enjoy a legend of the Holly. 'Come, traveller, step softly on the road. The green hills rise around you, grey in the gathering twilight. Can you hear the music in the mist, the fiddles and the flute? Tarry not on the highway. Turn your eyes away from those pale dancers by the water's edge, with their green silk ribbons. For if they catch you in their coils, 'twill be a year and day before you come home again. And only then if you pay their price... ...for your freedom, a tale....' Sit back, and hear the legend of the Holly Tree and the father of Vampires. p.s. This is officialy my first Mod's Choice. I was amazed, but am happy to finally have a golden feather of my very own!

The Elf and The Hunter

Annelie Öberg

The sad truth about different people and ignorence...

The Pale Garland

Kate Inquisition

This is a storytelling poem about twins born to a King, and fearing them as an omen, he leaves them to die. The Brian Froud picture (which I have yet to learn the title) inspired this, of the girl with the pale garland. (4-11-03)

Through the Woods

Carrie Miller

This poem was inspired by a course I took in fairy tales and folklore. I was particularly intrigued by the idea present in our cultural mythology that states that forests/woods are bad places. Hence this poem.

The One That Was Promised: Prologue

Alissa Feller

A wandering girl finds herself in a mysterious wood....and meets an unlikely vistor. Is Kallie destined to save her kindgom from an evil magic? Okay, so I know this is still VERY rough. Please be nice when posting your comments. I need help with title ideas, so if you have any, please let me know!

Journey Part 05 - The Ball

Al Howe

Of course not so surreal can be strange too, especially as power grows.

Fire-Heart: The Hero Sallies Forth

A.R. George

'Not too long after that, he was on his own and very, very scared ...' (Mods: All translations at bottom of page. All illustrations done in 'Poser 5' with shipped figures/materials from Poser 5 and Poser 5 Content CD. RDNA's SkyDome and GilaMonster's Robes also used in certain renders.)

The Horse Keeper

Ana Marques

This is my first full story in English. It´s about a girl and her connection to the forest. I'm not going to tell you more... Read the story! I hope you like it! =)

Flesh and Blood

Megan Balanck

This is a poem I wrote for a man I loved - before he broke my heart. Lots of flowery gothy vampirific werewolf imagery, all intended.


Simone Michaux

This was a story I started writing at about 12 at night :)

Wheel of the Year (poem)


An extensive poem through the eyes of the Sidhe...

A Fragment

Michael Roach' Janßen

This is a short fragment which I intend to put into a bigger story one day. Problem is, I don't yet know what the story might be about...

The Troll And The Elvyn Queen

Risiart Lloyd

A story about morals, who you can trust and who you can't.

Through a Mirror - 02

SS Olsen

Really just more introduction part ought to be more exciting.

The Hunting

Susanne Merz

The story is a kind of parable about the way people deal with their innermost fears. It's been my first story after a long time of no creativity.

The first flight...

Monica Figgé Jensen

A poem about fairies. Not much more to say. Written pretty fast, because I couldn't wait to publish in here :)

Wishing for no tomorrow

Daniel Hansen

This is my first story on Elfwood. I must have edited it like 3 times before I felt it could be published here. And yes it was that violent, but most of that should be gone now.

The Memory of Trees

Daniela Doyne

The basic idea was inspired by my friend Rybe and listening to Enya and stuff helped it along as well. Nothing special. And yes, I know she would actually have to be a dryad. But I liked the concept of nymphs being more woodsy creatures than skimpily clad females.