These Words......

Heather Nicholson

I don't really know why I'm putting this's a short bit written at 3 o' clock last night. Have you ever gotten the feeling YOU weren't the one writing? that somehow these ideas were a gift from someone. That's how I feel when I write poety & this explains the feeling.


j. lawrence

this is a dictionary of all the Kaban stuff i've come up with. i dunno if it's helpful or just confusing, but i'm trying. any word you don't know in the stories with and (*), look it up here, and if you can't find it, chances are it's either english, or i made a really bad type-o (uh... sp?) some of the stuff there are just notes to myself, because i'm an idiot. Note: Kaban sentence structure is like English. Afterthought: i dunno if this is gonna be accepted! aaaaah!


Ruth Monster' Browne

This is a glossary of terms and an appendix of various places and people that will be updated regularly so that translations won't be necessary in the actual text or story descriptions. It also helps to clarify certain aspects of the story. Please note that this is not a chapter! ^^

Fleeing From Dragons

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem about modern poet Karen Connelly. She had a tough life growing up, represented here by the dragons. She's got great stuff, check her out sometime ^_^

In So Many Words

K. Houseman

A bit of an experiment with movement and emotion. I decided it was an aspiring young author who had bottled their emotions all their life, and their mentor finally convinced them to release that bottled energy... in words.

Words (poem)

Esther Buhrman

It was very hard to write this, but I'm glad I got it out somehow...

0.To The End: Spell Book

Anthony Rodriguez

This is the spell book I created so the moderaters would let me publish this story.

Sharp Words

Alexandra Maccabee

Well, I was sitting in bed one night (just guess what I was doing) and the idea for this poem came to me while the tears were streaming down my face. It took me a couple of days to finish it, but I think it was worth it. Almost made me cry again :p


Nicole Walters

I'm lost. I've been lost for a long time. I had so much to live for, before... A short story, written by a vampire (male or female) about how they came to be a vampire and their feelings.

Spinning Chosen

Danielle Agar

This is a seed of a novel, the base idea of which I thought was brilliant. However, when I went to write it, the well of inspiration petered out fairly quickly. This is another ditty for myself that I have every intention of getting back to someday.

No More Words

Shuo Chen

Written to help me overcome a writer's block.


N Furman

It is a song for when You can't face truth.

Fishing in History

Joshua H. Brody

This is a short story I wrote for writing class. Enjoy.

Disturbing Poetry Collection 2

Cathryn Faerwald

Most of this if from the winter of 2001


Charles Trowbridge

Here is a dialog that I wrote a while back for a friend of mine. It was based on a conversation we had one night about what a dillitaunt and a soilder on an admerial's ship over x-mas might talk about in the dark future. I promised her that I would finish it for her, however by the time that I had, it was too late, she had left the city never to be seen again.

Storybook Boy 2

Renèe aka: cozzybob

I saw the old poem lying around one november night and thought that it needed a refreshing. It seemed familar to certain people, something that readers could identify with. I mean I hated the actual poem, but I liked the old friend feel to it. So I wanted to rewrite it. This is actually a rewrite of the original. It's completely different. I knew that, but I didn't care. I didn't see the answer in front of me. I dedicated it to Azi again because I had done so in the first one and thought it fair. I don't remember why I dedicated it to her--oh wait. Yeah I do. Azi came up with the name of the poem. Now that poem is a series so I guess the entire series is dedicated to her. Haha. Anyway she suggested that this is more like 'Storybook Boy 2,' that it's a continuation. Thus this lovely series was born. Now I have this wacky new tradition. Every year (just one a year, any month) I will add a new poem to the series, dedicated to Azi-chan for the name and the 'thick-glassed boy' for the inspiration. Let's see how many years pass by. This particular poem is very very dark. I don't know why, but I've been doing that recently with my work. It also ends with a period, claiming an ending. Is it really over? Is that one word really simple enough to end it? Of course not. I AM writing a new one this year after all. ~^ Originally written in 2003

The Rebel's Betrayal

Rochelle Watts

This started with the idea of the world shaking when you touch someone you love. I suddenly thought, what if it wasn't really shaking but just a spaceship docking at the space station you both were on. I know the idea of some rebels and someone, like a king or an emperor, for them to rebel against isn't that original an idea but it worked for the piece. Anyway, read and enjoy.


Ben Lebar

This is the threatened replacement to Batwings and Faeriedust, and was inspired by a combination of role-playing and a misunderstanding during an OOC conversation. Lyran is copyright to his player, and is used here with express permission. Words are important. If we don't watch what we say, we could tear apart the very foundations of our relationships. This very nearly happens to Kai and Lyran thanks to a misunderstanding in a conversation over one of Lyran's friends.

Fallen words

Kai Slettebø

A poem like this has a bigger meaning than just the words written. This poem is about a fighter’s last feelings and thoughts as he falls to a poison dagger of an assassin, regrets his way of life, and never being able to speak to his love again. Hm.. Well actually its not, but it could be! I's more a part of my own life story and an imagery projection of my reactions, in a part of my life that I often recall and wonder about. Would you like to know the actual story behind it? Or maybe you'd like to guess, maybe you'd like to just be left wondering.


Michael Viar

These are the Writings I made at my school's overnight trip. I refuse to call them poems, as they were not written as such. Rather, I simply wrote as the Words that make them up came together in my mind. Anyhow...