Shadow-Dancing, Part 2: Sold

Rachel Armstrong

Finally finished it! ^_^ It's pretty short, but part 3 is really long, so I didn't want to add anything else to it. As a little prior warning, this is your last time for a long stretch reading about Rowan in a flashback-free zone.


Christopher Heisserer

Death, and much of it. And ghosts, too.

A Ghost Story

Andy Millington

A story about love lost to death, and the possibility of continueing in the great beyond. I personaly like this one, I hope everyone that reads it gets as much enjoyment as I did writing the story.

The Path of Least Forgiveness

Logan Pickup

One day conversing with Shanra, she showed me the form of a sestina. On a whim I thought I'd give it a go.

In the Woods (Poem)

Michael Bradley-Robbins

Poem about what happened in the woods one night...

The Hero of Andalar

Sean Michaels

This story, though at first glance a seemingly stock hack 'n slash story of avatars and necromancers, is really a parable relating to the nature of heroes and heroism. In some ways, it is not so much a story about 'Thar, son of Thann, Lord of the Seventh Sword, Vanquisher of Haradan, Demon-Slayer, Dragon-Killer, Gem-Holder and Hero of Andalar', but of his abused manservant, Gander. This piece *does* have literary merit, beyond the adventure itself, and drives its point home with a firm yet gentle touch.

Demon Eyes: Chapter Two: Horses, Whores, Healing and Hell

Sationeria Shianno

Coren gets to better know the odd woman he saved...As well as have a run-in with Wraiths and learn of his predicted doom.

The Staff-bearer

Kat Napthine

Another piece aiming for dark and ghoully, I'm not sure if I managed to evoke sufficient atmosphere though.

Celestial Wraith

Amanda Audi

A short take on the Celestial Wraith of Destruction. I re-uploaded it, because of alot of the mistakes. I hope I most of them. Forgive me!

What is Love?

H Leonard

A ghost who wants to live, a young man who wants to die and an angelic being. A story of modern fantasy, and the second tale of Domi from Magic. Written after reading a couple of Wraith: The Oblivion source books. It needs a better title, this one was chosen because I couldn't think of anything better.

Rapid Wrath, Chpt 3

James Oliver

Our heroes return to the US and the Yallis are bound and determined to get themselves out of a slump.

Midnight Thunder

Adam Burch

Story of an assasin of the Darkness, as he slays one more soul.

Rain and Shandows

Edmund Schulfer

In a world much like ours, a war is being waged in its secret places, the fate of it is mostly unknown, but it affects us all.

Of Humans and Elves, Part 7

Ben Cameron

This is actually supposed to go at the beginning of Part 6, but that would simply make it too long. Instead, just to lessen the difficulties in reading, this is now a very short Part 7. For those who don't remember, the creatures appearing in this story were first introduced in Part 4 as the 'dust-creatures' attacking the outskirts of the Angola Plains.


Cullen Groves

William Eckhart IV accompanies Catherine on her attempt to avoid capture by the forces of the dread necromancer Blackwulf. She's stolen her photograph-imprisoned soul back from him to secret it away, but is discovered running and hunted. William stands in her defense with his trusty flintlock pistol and finds he's not so great at the hero business after all. (This is the original version of the story; I'm currently rewriting it, a lengthy process. Hopefully I can share that piece when it's finished.)

Ebonwing - Chapter 1

Stephanie Nichole Small

Concealed within the shadows, a dark apparition spies into a small bookstore, plotting, planning…conniving. While conversing with its strange companion, the being finds an enemy in an unexpected place….

The Cavern of the Ages

Z.A. Roberts

Starlit waters

Talis McMullen

This poem is a collaboration by my sister and I. there is a much larger story behind it but the only thing we know for certain is that the gray men are evil wraiths.

Set Aside

Chris Ellinger

This I wrote during a free lesson at school once when I should have been studying physics! Hope you like it.


Sean Michaels

This story is the most blatantly 'sword and sorcery' of those I've posted. While I tend to lean towards more literary pieces (as evidenced by much of the other work here), this tale is meant to capture the imagination, as well as to stand as a base for later legends. It is the creation myth of the world of Ai - a world developed for use on the MUD I own and operate (Eternal Struggle). By expanding on this base myth, we could create an entire mythos and a series of stories to follow it. I think it meets its goal quite admirably (it is certainly an interesting read), though it does not carry the literary value that would be required, I think, for publication elsewhere.