Writer's Night

Désirée Dippenaar

This is just a silly little poem I wrote sometime in 2004 and completely forgot about until I found it today! Well, this is what happens if you stay up all night to write - even your story characters start rebelling :P

She Writes About Writing

Brianne Hughes

This is a glimpse into what it's like to be in my brain, sorta. The assignment was to describe your life or an event in your life. I chose writing :)


Emma Ådahl

Mutt is a Gnome... I'm not sure what his background is... >.> It's all mainly running 'round and 'round in my head! Make it stop! Eh hem... Anyway, yes. Mutt's real name isn't Mutt it's... it's... honestly, I can't remember! Oh, he MUST hate me now! Ugh, I hate it when I forget things... Well, this is Willow (will maybe talk aobut her later) first seeing Mutt. ^^ I think I did an okay description of him.


Rachel 'Arwen' Poulson

Dedicated to all my fellow writers. Muses are sometimes difficult to work with. A humorous look at 'inspiration.'

Stanley Harris and the Muse

Michael LaReaux

Stanley Harris, and aspiring writer, gets advice from a disembodied voice that seems to be coming from a bottle of ink.

Inspiration of a Writer

Tyson Livingston

This is a little poem about what inspires me as a writer. Of course my muse is a demon that knocks on my window at night. I tried echoing the tapping of Poe's raven in the story as well as some of the tropes of a couple other writers, and generally tried to interpret writing as a supernatural/spiritual experience. Anyway, let me know what you think.

An Ode to Life


'Life is waiting for you....'

Forever Path, Chapter 2

Laramie Kelley

Kiyoshi is learning how to write so he can talk to Yalli. When Kori comes in, this is the first test of his aceptance into the compound. I just wanted to write some more, and this is what came out. Hope you enjoy!! ; )

Fantasies of a Writer

Monica Stich

A poem that describes the passions and desires of a lost writer trapped within his work.

Cyberwarfare Part Four: Interogation


Part of my Evolution Wars universe, see my other contributions for the other parts! Enjoy!


Claudia Verwoert

This is the prologue to a man. a young boy, who was destined to meet the gods. The gods he failed to believe in, and soon he has no choice, but to be one of them. One of the ancient creatures of the night, a Vampire.

The Tired Lands - Chapter 2

Theresa Shreffler

Leah is a boarder guard, sworn to protect the town of Outpost from the dangerous, magical creatures of the Tired Lands. But times are changing, and when the Midnight Train arrives with a cargo that could change the world, she finds herself irresistibly drawn towards the distant city of Sulligard, and the handsome sentinels that watch over the train. Joining the team of sentinels, she departs on an adventure to guide the train through the perils of the Tired Lands - but who knew her destiny could hold so much more?

Behind the Scenes 2

Désirée Dippenaar

'Death of a Characteriser.' In which Anaia finally dies - almost. And a lot of other chaotic and crazy and silly things occur.

Life flows so quick...

Nicolas Barnabé

An angel who is lost from her family... she Died at the hand of a jester... A letter to her family. She wrote this letter after from her grave, seeying the sadness the jester made to her family. She came back rather later after.

Writer's Block

Heather Anderson

Ever wonder what happens when you get writer's block? This is just a cute story that popped into my head.


Nicole Walters

I'm lost. I've been lost for a long time. I had so much to live for, before... A short story, written by a vampire (male or female) about how they came to be a vampire and their feelings.


Lyndsay Gilbert aka Liadan

poem story about an Angel Muse

The Writer's Hand

Stacy Goll

A poem of writing.

Writing Excersize - Dathril

Jennifer Doneske

A writing excersize I created a while back, complete with instructions if you'd like to try it yourself, as well as the writing I produced using the excersize. :-)

Land of the Green Blade

Tiffany Dunn

This is a story I started several years ago and haven't finished yet. It petered out and I had no idea if it was worth continuing. I'm bringing it here to get some opinions if I should work on it or not. And any title opinions would be good too. +)