The Game

Jason Heisler

This story is from a dream I had while deployed after the 9/11 terror attacks. I wrote it down as soon as I awoke.

Vampire's Lament

Esther Wetzel

When I collected my poems recently to put them online I was inspired to write one again. Mainly just for the fun of rhyme and rhythm. And I noticed that I recently have missed the darkness in my thoughts ...

Of Tuniriel

Timothy Downs

The second story in the tale of the blade of right and wrong

Your Choice

Tracey Hoard

another little poem... written when i was pretty angry at a friend of mine....but then it took on a life of its own... yeah or sumthin

The Wrong Address

Jerry Jirak

Another piece created for a contest. The name of the story was given, the rest was up to us, within 250 words and 24 hours. Well, see for yourselves... ;)

I Loved You

Emily Grist

Luciole Loong's picture is here. Picture = inspiration. Think vampire.

The Story's Gone Mad

Jennifer Macvicar

i tried my hardest to apptemp a nice, serious story but it all went horribly wrong. look out for Karrah the tactless dragon in future short stories.

Halls of fate: Chapter 7

C. Raynor

the four travelers reach their destination, and things get off on the wrong foot

Of Mimin

Timothy Downs

the last story in the tale of the blade of right and wrong

Of Boahan

Timothy Downs

the third story in the tale of the blade of right and wrong

PsyHauntKo 2

Norielle Cunanan

Well the last one did say to be continued so yep this is the continuation! I don't know why I made another story, I'm not even sure if anyone even liked the first. Oh well! Your loss! ^_^ (I didn't mean that! Really! I didn't! I still love you all so be nice nice and I'll be happy happy) I don't know how long this story is going to continue, and if you were reading it and understood it, they are still on the first day of the supposed two weeks or so they are stranded. I don't even have what they're facing yet...or do I? Eh...Do I? O.o...

The Seven

Kathryn Gromowski

Let's see. Seven mages. They're all ten. And this happens to be part of one day in their lives. The same day. This is quite a long quote, guys. Sorry about that. Ok, guys, this story actually has an illustration to go with it. But me, being completely HTML illiterate, couldn't figure out how to embed the file in the story (even after checking the FAQ's and asking around) So I just put it in a gallery Update, 12/28/03: I did a whole lotta editing, and changed a few things, and ya know, the general spiel...


Nathyun Schnebbe

Poem about man and religion, when wrong no longer becomes a right, man becomes a beast of burden. What is man's burden?

Chronicles of Salianthar:: Book One:: Prologue

Jenita Jones

The prophecy says, 'When the green-eyed one cries down upon the earth, the worlds shall be saved from the wrath of the everlasting dragon.' The country of Salianthar is shocked.

Should you try...

Mary Parker

This is just a song that asks a lot of questions, see if you can answer.


Alexander Yusuf

This is another short story written for my cousin who isn’t a big fan of fantasy, but would try anything once.

Of Fin

Timothy Downs

the first story in the tale of the blade of right and wrong