Untitled - Part II

Gioanna Rheumer

This is the second part of Toryn's story. Hope you enjoy!

Drym: Prolouge

Guillermo García

This is the prologue of a story I am working on. I am working on Chapter 1 at the moment and I will soon post it and continue work on it. As to whom the sleeper is... You'll see alongside with me, I am not too sure either. Ohh and thanks to Damien Tauri for proofreading it. Thanks!!!!

the witch par 3!

Jaqueline González G.

ans there's so much more!

To Return

Peter Blair

My contribution to Herscher Project 19 (a very last minute affair for me, I joined tHP about a week before the project deadline). This one proved to be a challenge. The pictures I were given by our fearless leader, Jim Bowers, were much darker than I cared to write about. I gave my character an interesting sense of humour in order to lighten the mood. Special thanks to Malin M. Larsson of tHP for a wonderful title (my original really stank)!


Anne Vea

This is a story thats a little unusual, i do not write this kind of modern fantasy but the idea just popped into my head one day and i had to put it down on paper. The story is about a boy with a big problem and the strange way in which his problem is solved. It includes a beautiful woman, a weird shop and some forgotten magic, it was inspired by a horror novel i once read, i hope you'll all enjoy it !

Forever Young

Lacie Scott

This is a VERY short intro to a story I am going to embellish. A lot. It'll probably be a short story, but I need to work out the themes in my head before I can put any more of it into words.


Jessica Hunt

This is my first attempt at a short story. It was written based off of a poem I wrote.

Hello, Death. And how are you?

Rhonda Jezek

A young mother faces a gruesome choice for the fate of her children.

Chapter 7 (Odd Pair)

Joanna Wu

A brief encounter with a strange pair that tells of a distant war. Will it effect their journey?


Melissa J

It's a story about how a man meets death in a form of a beautiful young lady

Part 3 Shattered Reflections

Jennifer Tomczak

My newest chapter, this is no where near being done but I'm pretty happy with it so far and thought I'd post it to be judged. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Anything between the '*' and '*' is either a dream, memory, or thought. Give me advice. Not about the names, I love the names. Names to chapters are still open to help though. This story is now on hiatus.

Indira Dakmor-Torture-Part I

Staci Earnest

This is a little bit of my character's life, Indira Dakmor. It's a little bit of a love story, torture, you know. ::Grins::


Stephen Mullarkey

This is the story of a young man named Dan who has been genetically altered he is now basically a perfect human

The Manipulator, Ch. 1: The Apprentice

Max Wolf

Wolf Fate: The hope of the Other World, who alone has the power to stop his own father and putting right a world that went completely wrong. He never expected he was speciel, but then the Manipulator Jack Blade shows up at cozy home and tells him differently. He says he can manipulate anything, and that he was to be trained to destroy evil in the Other World. Wolf has a big decision to make: Does he go and be trained as a Manipulator, or does he stay with his brother and grandmother?

The Manipulator, Ch. 2: Connected

Max Wolf

"Only blood can kill blood." Wolf and Blade travel to the Other World to meet with Griff Harold, who confirms Wolf as the most powerful Manipulator he has ever seen. Blade names Wolf "Apprentice Manipulator", and a connection is formed between Wolf and his gryphon.


Elizabeth Cooper

The adventure of two young girls goes horribly wrong when one decides to test out her magical abilities on the other...


Tiffany Conrad

Will and Steph - Part 1

Landon Gardner

 The first part in a series I am writing. Hope you like it :)

The Golden Hen and the Bean

Charlie Hepton

Fairytales rewritten: What if....?What if the golden hen had a story too?What if Jack wasn't the hero in this tale?

On a Bench

Abigael Casey

Written in 2003 as the Writing Task Response for the QCS Test. The theme was 'Faces', and it had to be approx. 600 words. I may upload the stimulus in the future. The stimulus I chose for this story was a picture and passage from 'Dorian Grey', a picture of a building facade, and a picture of the evil queen from Snow White looking in her mirror. A woman sits on a bench, reflecting on her life through the actions of those she is observing.