Foundation of Soldiery Pt. II Arrogance and Pain

Chadd Las Casas

Krell and Gendor learn swiftly the dangers of overestimating your weapon and underestimating the warrior spirit.

Detailed Character Creation Form

addrie dannei

This is a Detailed Character Creation Form that I designed for my writings. Please note the Academy/Schooling area is for back story, not settings. You need to know your character before you can write him. Enjoy.


Tina Stearns

This started out as a song then evolved into something totally different. Hummmm...too much HellRaiser maybe...

1321 N.E. Chapter 5

M. Aurela Phen Abdou

Party night! fun and festives, only problem is Kaiyo is being stalked, it is now or never for her.

Storm Wolf

Jessie 'Ummie' Hardwick

a girl is in charge of her family's house hold wile her parents are on vacation. and everything that possibly could go wrong does.


Jessie 'Ummie' Hardwick

a girl is running from a darkness that wishes for her life