Kelsi Dick

A myth we had to write for English class. I would really like it, except I think there's a large piece missing out of the middle. Maybe someday I'll get around to writing it.


Sara Rupp-Moody

Another story from English extra credit.

Journey To The Maze

Thaddeus Bong

My Adaption Of The Minotaur Story...From The Very Very Very Beginning. Enjoy (): )


Kiran Spees

This story is inspired by Aescylus' Agamemnon, my all too small knowledge of the Greek legend of Helen, and in a more subtle way by C. S. Lewis and his novel Till We Have Faces. If you don't understand what it is about, I would recomend looking up the birth of Helen. Any good book on Greek mythology should have something about her.

The Beauty Pageant

Maira Danner

The actual cause for the war of Troy

The Peacock's Tale

Hannah Ringler

A retelling of the story of Io, Hera and Zeus - I love writing retellings of myths!

The Black Rider: Part III

Dave Baverstock

The third part to TBR, if you havn't already, read the first two parts for the story to make sense. Enjoy!


Sara Chow

I know, lame, lame story title. But this is a test piece I want you to read, and because it's posted, that means I want comments. Once upon a time, Sara wrote a story she called 'The Battle of Love'. The story started out well enough, but it soon became plagued with stupidity. So, Sara took it down and annoyed you all. (That sentence may have been in the wrong order.) I have no title, and it's only the very beginning. Here's the replacement for BoL:

The Greatest Hunt Of All Chapter 1

Tom Shine

Chapter one out of three. And I'm serious this time, I did only make it three chapters. Becuase I finished this! YAY!

The final prayer of Pan

Kate Inquisition

This was a contest submission for a 'mythological co-op'. I partnered up with LadyAibean, ( This is her description because she was much more familiar with the story thsn I was. 'Pan, a half god/half man/half goat being is the son of Hermes. He is cursed at birth to remain in a half mortal/immortal state until someone loves him for who he is. His mother (a nymph) cursed him as a vengeance on Hermes. Pan wanders around frollicking with maenads and satyrs until he meets a girl. He falls in love with her, the daughter of Helen of Troy but his father doesn't approve because he is a god and the girl only thinks 'he'd make a great pet'. Eventually the two fall in love together but as they do Iphigenia (the girl) is to be sacrificed by her father (adopted father as she was secretly placed in the kingdom). Pan beseeches Athena to make him mortal so he can replace the woman he loves as a sacrifice. This is his prayer to her.'


Grace Cruz

This is the origin of the rainbow. I used some gods and goddess in greek mythology. It was actually an assignment in English because we were studying greek mythology.


Hannah Davis

This is perhaps a strange topic for a limerick, but I thought it amusing. Ganymede was a beautiful Trojan boy who became Zeus's cup bearer and love slave in the myth. Note: Chronides is an alternate name for Zeus. It just fit the rhythm better that way.

Endymion and Selene

Aaron Cordiale

 In honor of Valentine's Day I decided to post this poem I wrote awhile based on a classic story in Greek mythology in which a goddess claims a mortal man for her own desires, and tragedy ensues when he lies in an eternal sleep. In her moonlight he will stay forever young, but forever asleep, so neither can ever truly be with the other.

The Black Rider: Part II

Dave Baverstock

This contains the second part of The Black Rider, working on the final part. PLEASE READ PART I FIRST. comments and opinions appreciated - thanks.

Artemis: Poison of Hera (chapters 1-10 of 30)

Rebecca Lee Murphey

Alexis is an ordinary girl growing up on the holy island of Delos. But soon after a strange witch woman comes to the island speaking of a war among the gods and a prophecy to save them all, Alexis begins digging. . . and is shocked at what she finds.


Laura Chase

This is about the shield of Zeus and Athena. I also got the idea from the Final Fantasy series.

Death's First Meeting

Jessica Robinson

A humorous look into the secret meetings of the ancient gods.


Amanda Gray

A story of love at first sight set in Ancient Greece.


Sara Rupp-Moody

In English we had to do research on words and write a story on it. This is one of the stories from that.

The Black Rider: Part I

Dave Baverstock

This story is the first installment of The Black Rider, this piece contains the first two chapters of the first book. Please excuse the change in fonts... not sure what happened there ¬_¬