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 Recommended Fantasy Art

These are the favourite pieces of art created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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This picture by Leah Keeler has been tagged as a favorite 462 times.
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   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"Awesome colors and drawing" / Mel Carson
   -"Pretty" / Melodie j Foley
   -"Cool" / Febe vanhecke
This picture by Kajsa Flingling Flinkfeldt has been tagged as a favorite 442 times.
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   -"Why is it favorite? I'm listening Cry no more - Ryan Farish and loooking at this, I can die right now!" / João Maurício Alexandre da Silva Sobral
   -"Creates a beautiful mood of wonder and excitement" / Lisa Alexandra Wright
   -"Use of light in water color" / Jay Sterling Gregg
   -"She's beautiful!" / Felicity Endings
   -"Oh....she likes it....well its not all abou you michaela....its so not cool...jk" / Hannah Joy Brunelle
   -"Cool" / Jett Kyin Goodwin
This picture by Natascha Roeoesli has been tagged as a favorite 432 times.
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   -"She will fly! Beautiful transformation!" / João Maurício Alexandre da Silva Sobral
   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"She is super" / Karen lena kron
   -"Nifty. awesome. dude....sick." / Coop Z Dahoop
   -"Beautifully dark." / Sian Guinivere Williams
This picture by Rochelle Green has been tagged as a favorite 425 times.
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   -"Sad" / Marijan Sruk
   -"Awesome art. what the crap goes on in your mind? i want it" / Coop Z Dahoop
   -"You can feel the evilness in this picture. greatly done" / Tim Acean Johnson
   -".0." / Ash Banana Harker
   -"Great paintings all of em" / Jeroen ChristianCreature Vercruysse
   -"A technically excellent piece with a dark yet beautiful feel and look.Something Rochelle does so well." / Tony Orzech
This picture by Jade N. Bengco has been tagged as a favorite 380 times.
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This picture by Anna Rigby has been tagged as a favorite 349 times.
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   -"Love the kimono and the woman's face" / Melanie A Boston
   -"Great" / Serafina Cat Virciglio
   -"Fantastic detailed work! Amazing!" / László Fejös
   -"Beautifully detailed, wonderfully shaded with a touch of daring red." / Rachel 'Arwen' Poulson
   -"WWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWW" / Christy Miller
This picture by Leonid Kozienko has been tagged as a favorite 324 times.
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   -"Nice" / Amanda K. Rolston
   -"This is awesome!" / Sylvia Roxanne Young
   -"Truly wicked!!" / William B Cuff
   -"She is iiiincredible!" / Yura Arkhangelsky
   -"Gorgeus" / Rocio_del_alba *eskarina* Melendo
   -"Tempting and dark... just like black magic user should look like ;p" / Adam Wintersnow Wolniewicz
This picture by Mia 'Losmios' Bengtsson has been tagged as a favorite 323 times.
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   -"Beautiful!" / Hailey Swan
   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"This is truly beautiful. I especially love the black pegasus in the white flecks of snow and grays. " / Amber Ellen Bariaktari
   -"The very best between black and white" / Marit Bareid
   -"Such a contrast - simple, but so dramatic. " / Marcia Immis McBride
This picture by Liiga Smilshkalne has been tagged as a favorite 321 times.
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   -"Awesome" / Serafina Cat Virciglio
   -"Radiating Irish beauty." / David Michael
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