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 Recommended Fantasy Art

These are the favourite pieces of art created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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This picture by Camille Kuo has been tagged as a favorite 321 times.
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   -"Coolio" / Anthony Lawson
   -"Nice lighting" / Erin Waters
   -"Looking heroic without getting chlyshé." / Isabelle Issa Hållner
   -"Duende baja la luna clara... excelente..." / Jay scorpgem21 Lan
   -"Don't particularly care for elves in general, but the sheer luminosity of the moon on the sword blade is awesome!" / Jennifer Jenae Brockman
   -"..." / Rochelle Green
This picture by Tang Sin Yun has been tagged as a favorite 313 times.
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   -"*can't look away*" / Hazel Xoriah Green
   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"Absolutly breath-taking and fantastic" / Natasha icekatash Curry
   -"Wolfie" / Tobyana Emakamo Sprite
   -"Sweet" / Coop Z Dahoop
This picture by Diana Cervantes has been tagged as a favorite 309 times.
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   -"Too funny " / Katie Hodges
   -"Der der der (oowwww)" / Laura Jayne Taylor
   -"Hilarious" / David a None
   -"Centaur humor" / K. Robinson
   -"Love it! so funny!" / Katie Ann Redhead
   -"I remember laughing my head off at this years ago. Now I can tag it!" / Melissa L Withington Whitford
This picture by Delphine Gache has been tagged as a favorite 278 times.
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   -"Beautiful use of color" / Darnells0428 Sims
   -"Ethereal, its really relaxing" / Amirah M Kate
   -"Cool" / Philip Apelgren
   -"Quel talent, mais quel talent !" / Aurélie Caye
   -"Beautiful" / Lizzy´Maki_the_sheep´ Michell Miller
   -"Gorgeous use of watercolor!" / Amanda Anne Martin
This picture by Sara M Butcher Burrier has been tagged as a favorite 275 times.
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   -"Lovely" / Viktoriya V Verstand
   -"O.O" / Sabrina M William
   -"Great Detail!" / Christy Jane King
   -"It gives off an epic sense of urgency." / Aaron Michael Sullard
   -"Absolutly Amazing Details!!!....." / Aaron Douglas Dowling
   -"Needs color" / David Anton Dyer
This picture by Jennifer Miller (Nambroth) has been tagged as a favorite 269 times.
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   -"Now this is cool. I love the silky blackness of the panther. So beautiful." / Jess L Rhapsodos
   -"Beautiful, tranquil picture. Full of motion and rich color." / Kate Huffman
   -"Gorgeous darks! This is a really lovely piece!" / Lucy G Bert
   -"Sorry but WOW" / Katt Angel
   -"Wow" / Febe vanhecke
   -"Panther! Wings? That doesn't mak.... AAAAARRRRGGGG!" / William Scott Lowe
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