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 Recommended Fantasy Art

These are the favourite pieces of art created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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This picture by Chelsea Stebar has been tagged as a favorite 255 times.
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   -"What? I haven't tagged this before? Jeez! I'm glad I found it again!" / Esther S. Brendel (Maiden name: Esther S. Wetzel)
   -"I almost died of how cute it is!" / Coop Z Dahoop
   -"Alone" / Andris Dreiks Celms
   -"Beautiful scene and an adorable polarbear lost in the world he dosen't belong." / Minna Turunen
   -"It is soo cute" / The only rtr5
   -"Awww" / Tyler Steven Williams
This picture by Gyula Pozsgay has been tagged as a favorite 251 times.
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   -"Cool" / Jett Kyin Goodwin
   -"It looks really calm. i'd love to walk into this picture." / Sarah margaret tasker
   -"This picture is soo heavenly" / Maheen Malik
   -"Temple" / Giulie St-Laurent
   -"I wonder who lives there." / H. Maunula
This picture by Vitaly S Alexiuss has been tagged as a favorite 247 times.
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   -"I love the colors" / Joey Toscha Michno
   -"Gotta love it." / Cihan Kayacetin
   -"This picture just blows me away every time I see it. It's like everything I love about sci fi rolled into one uber-amazing-perfect picture. And the shirt... Just look at the shirt." / Jess Hyslop
This picture by J E. Shannon has been tagged as a favorite 220 times.
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   -"Fabulous life and movement in the tree" / Glynne FluffyTheViking MacLean
   -"Fint tre" / Anette Leivestad
   -"This has a great sense of the forest spirit to it" / Oliver Wallace
This picture by Christina Marie Yen has been tagged as a favorite 215 times.
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   -"This is a cool Naga she looks ready to kick some ass." / Alanna Nicole Repski
   -"Lizard snake" / Ruth M Waterhouse
   -"I'm like the mouse in the picture, i have no idea of the danger.." / ROY dominique
   -"Provocatricve" / Aurélie Caye
   -"Niceness" / Colin Lupa Adams
This picture by Jeremiah Morelli has been tagged as a favorite 214 times.
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   -"The attention to detail is fantastic." / Sue Finney
   -"Had to have this as a favourite one too." / Sue Finney
   -"Beautiful commission." / Sue Finney
This picture by Maria J. William has been tagged as a favorite 213 times.
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   -"I like her eyes and the intricut patterns" / Ruth M Waterhouse
   -"Nice Shading" / Erin Waters
   -"Beauty in itself." / Michael a Gra King
   -"Beautiful shading techniques" / Laura A. Wellington
   -"Absolutely stunning. great use of colours" / Richard price
   -"Dunno why I like it. I just do. There are good pictures here, so...I suggest a peek. Maybe its the dagger she's holding...'cause I like swords." / Rachel N. LeBeane
This picture by Rachael Mayo has been tagged as a favorite 211 times.
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   -"It's so cute! And the scales are brilliant." / Caroline J. Anderson
   -"AWWW! YAY!!!!" / Sarah *Bab* Richardson
   -"AWWWWWWW, 'ees so kyooooooot.... " / Chantal Smart
   -"The cat is amazing. I never knew colour pencils could be used like that" / Cynthia ´Arthemis´ Smit
   -"Lovly red dragon is lovely 8D" / Alexa 'Kuraime' Kroese
   -"Awwwww. i love the idea" / S. Rosera
This picture by Claudia Olishka Melián Maksaev has been tagged as a favorite 210 times.
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   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"Great work!" / Lucie ´Dragarta´ Culkova
   -"Love the color!" / Amanda Anne Martin
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