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 Recommended Fantasy Art

These are the favourite pieces of art created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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This picture by Lindsay Archer has been tagged as a favorite 202 times.
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   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" / Arianna Larka Louise
   -"Lovely <3" / Diana K. Torres C.
This picture by Liga marta Klavina has been tagged as a favorite 199 times.
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   -"Can hardly imagine something more uplifting : these proportions, colours and laughs..." / Andreaz Gustafzon
   -"As I said when I commented on the piece: Beautiful, dark, sad and unsettling. Her eyes especially draw you in..." / CM Birdbrain Hoskins
   -"Love that weird dark feeling emiting from!" / Maeve Triana Fornillo
   -"Cool idea and well drawn ink drawing" / Maarten Michiel
This picture by Jill Johansen has been tagged as a favorite 193 times.
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   -"Cool" / Roxanne Martin
   -"This if fabulous work. It must have taken some time to do all those knots. " / Monica Volcanokitten Figgé Jensen
   -"This if fabulous work. It must have taken some time to do all those knots." / Monica Volcanokitten Figgé Jensen
This picture by Jessica 'Vestaka' Douglas has been tagged as a favorite 192 times.
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   -"I have seen this before, i abslutely love it!!" / Maria kookie harper
   -"Really good" / Ava Cooper
   -"Still to this day one of my fave images of Jess's" / Sam 'Zephyri' Hogg
This picture by Lilleah Adora West has been tagged as a favorite 188 times.
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   -"I love dragons and birds, so how could I not love this? Her sculptures incredible too..." / Katie 'Flagara' Schladand
   -"You've got to check this out!" / Jennifer M Rude
   -"OMG!!! Amazing it looks somewhat real!!!!" / Chimera Lee Tagtmeier
   -"This deserves all credit." / Emma JC Nilsson
   -"Floofy :3" / Thomas 'SylverWolf' Ames
   -"This has got to be one of the most amazing scultures I've seen." / Stephanie H. Gregory
This picture by Philip Andrén has been tagged as a favorite 186 times.
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   -"DETAILS!!" / Charles Sims
   -"Very great detail. Looks like something out of a old fairy tale." / Chey c Murray
   -"Damn... so much detail. simply wonderful :)" / Jimmy Shanahan Brandt
   -"Simply amazing." / Athdaraxen Athy Dragoness
   -"Cool rdagon sketch" / Fred Zhao
   -"Wow, detailed" / Fred Zhao
This picture by Andrea Koupal has been tagged as a favorite 184 times.
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   -"Astonishing!" / Dulmina dulmina
   -"Great detail" / Traci L Wattsenburg
   -"Haluz" / Lucia cucka cucka
   -"This pic shows peace " / Jonathan jotan harkrader
   -"Love all the details" / Nadine ´unicornis´ Thome
   -"Can't stop looking so amazing " / Sandy Dunham
This picture by E M Spek has been tagged as a favorite 175 times.
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