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 Recommended Fantasy Art

These are the favourite pieces of art created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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This picture by Meredith kyrn Dillman has been tagged as a favorite 170 times.
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   -"Awesome background!" / Catherine Pelletier
   -"Wow..." / Claudia Olishka Melián Maksaev
   -"Forbidden Doorway" / Rachel Phillips
   -"The whole things has an air to it that I like, Its a very good image" / Peter George Coulthard
This picture by Claudya Schmidt has been tagged as a favorite 166 times.
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   -"Great idea!" / Astrid lian
   -"Beautiful colors and great detail. Well earned Mod's choice!!" / Casey Mann
   -"Very colorfull gryphon. i likes ^^" / Mija "Bunny" Collins
   -"Cassidix green" / Green Phoenix
   -"Ich lieb den immer noch xD" / Nicola Andrea Nagl
This picture by Lotta Tjernström has been tagged as a favorite 166 times.
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   -"Idk" / Kayla Amber Palmer
   -"LOL really like this !!" / Jack J Langar
   -"Incredible. LOVE the wings" / Tayla Waterworth
   -"The level of detail is just superb, and the theme is just so......modern for a fallen angel =D" / JC "Gin" Cawkwell
   -"Reasons are Mine only" / Mark D Wright
   -"Definately the chalk, and the setting, the whole mood of the thing is cool" / Susannah M. Becker
This picture by Henning Ludvigsen has been tagged as a favorite 164 times.
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This picture by Melody Pena has been tagged as a favorite 163 times.
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   -"Absolute cuteness!" / Marleen Smits
   -"SOOO CUTE" / Vanessa Skye Galloway
   -"Cute^_^" / Rebecca Gavienas
   -"The finished thing is so cute. GO BUY IT. NOW." / SA Ferrell
This picture by Del Melchionda has been tagged as a favorite 162 times.
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   -"Love it" / Danielle Clarke
   -"Scary" / Danielle Clarke
   -"Fab" / Danielle Clarke
   -"Fab" / Danielle Clarke
   -"Sweet" / Danielle Clarke
   -"Love it" / Danielle Clarke
This picture by Michelle Bradshaw has been tagged as a favorite 161 times.
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   -"(not really) Lyra and Iorek" / Alison Morgan
   -"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWthatissogoodit'shardtobelieve" / Lucy G Bert
   -"HOLY HECK! thatissoincreadiblyamazingomgthat'simpossible!!!" / Kate Tralanour Crippen
   -"I don't need to say anything. just LOOK AT IT!" / Rachel Danielle Toguchi
   -"Oh my!" / Hana Běťáková
   -"Breathtaking! I love the fairytale it's based on too." / Michelle Tolo
This picture by Min 'Keiiii' Kwon has been tagged as a favorite 160 times.
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   -"The blood, the sorrow... lovely." / Amie Nea Norde
   -"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!" / Angelina Moriah Johnson
   -"Darkly cute." / Monica Franklin
This picture by Katerina A. Romanova has been tagged as a favorite 159 times.
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   -"Wow I love this so much, the textures and stuff! Awesome!" / Paul Bosch
   -"I love Katerina's use of light and dark in this piece. Beautiful details!" / Deborah Cullins Smith
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