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 Recommended Fantasy Art

These are the favourite pieces of art created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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This picture by Karolina Sefyrin has been tagged as a favorite 129 times.
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   -"Neat" / Shanna Eretria Shannara
   -"Yay" / Abcdisan Xyzsten
   -"Pretty awesome" / Amber Nichole Johnston
   -"Not sure, just love it." / Matthew W Gonzales
   -"I love beautiful, sassy and deadly women! I wish I was one. :) The art here is absolutely top-notch." / Roxanne Hancock
This picture by Marley Mcleay has been tagged as a favorite 125 times.
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   -"Wooooooooooooooooooooooow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"Lebo" / Lucia cucka cucka
   -"The shapes are flowing and the colours give a touch of serentity" / Shelz Keast
This picture by Rea (Spyrre) Karjalainen has been tagged as a favorite 124 times.
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   -"A great sculpture" / Konsi Wagner
   -"I wanna write a story about this!!!!!!!!!" / Katie Verdigris Smoke
   -"This is a very beautiful sculpture!" / Paula Friederike Dieck
   -"...Wow...!" / Malin Persson
   -"I like how shiny it is, and I never would have thought of using overhead projector sheets for fairy wings but it works beautifully here." / Audrey S. Coates
   -"It looks so real!" / Hana Běťáková
This picture by S. 'Silvestris' Strand has been tagged as a favorite 124 times.
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   -"Very romantic. They each have a relaxed, loving gaze." / Robin Z.
   -"My first encounter with yaoi and it sparked a passion for the softer side of men" / Sam 'Zephyri' Hogg
This picture by Nicole Cadet has been tagged as a favorite 123 times.
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   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"The Golden by Cadet" / Miri Seder
   -"It looks so real, like a photo. !!!" / Sisse Julius Matthiesen
This picture by William Eterna2 Teo has been tagged as a favorite 122 times.
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   -"Amasing detail" / Joshua Steven Joseph Mersereau
   -"Gorgeous" / Michael Edward Suttkus
   -"Red tears dark lines" / Ruth M Waterhouse
   -"Oh. My. God." / Sarah Saddie Boudreau
   -"Love pencil work" / ROY dominique
   -"Very impressive." / Cornelia Lobsien
This picture by Marika Viklund has been tagged as a favorite 122 times.
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   -"Wow" / Kathrin Kouz Dival
   -"SPEECHLESS" / Sarah "sheba" steventon
   -"Wow, a mouse was used to paint this! Beautiful!" / Arianna Larka Louise
   -"Well, for one thing, his wings are definitely a plus. Not the usual feathered wings. He looks determined, and that eye is fab!" / Robyn *Copperhead* Lee
This picture by Delphine Lévesque Demers has been tagged as a favorite 121 times.
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   -"This is just too pretty. Dangerous Sprite" / Amber R Timlin
   -"I'll just have to follow her into the lake, oh well..." / Bailey Brink
   -"Love the color and wings" / Maya K Suarez
   -"Secrets revealed & abound near this lake upon a nocturnal breeze in this detailed piece... this one surreptitiously stirs this sensual statement, in a word, "hehehe"... " / Jay scorpgem21 Lan
   -"The colours and her curvy figure are just lovely!" / Monika ´Nika´ Bajzat
   -"Aahahahahahhaaaaa ahahahahhahahaaa hahahaha! hmm, lol" / Freyja M. Stokes
This picture by Elsa Kroese has been tagged as a favorite 119 times.
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   -"I love the posing" / Kailie Reece
   -"Amazing" / Maya K Suarez
   -"Very detailed, she looks like she is enjoying the view" / C Luthien Mabbott
   -"Cool" / Emma Claire Jones
   -"Wow" / Avien Lane
   -"Epic... Fantastic... really fits my picture of an elf... but why do I only agree with the elvish pictures of women?" / Gavin Paul Cunningham
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