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 Top Favourite Fantasy Artists on Elfwood

These are the favourite publishing members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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michihorsyMichelle Tolo has been tagged as a favorite 48 times.
Michelle is a 21 year old girl who is, when not getting buried alive in homework, happily creating the worlds of her imagination.
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   -"Humor, atmosphere, dragons" / Els Ferson
   -"I love her drawings." / Gaëlle Grasély
   -"I love Michelle's eclectic talents and sense of humour!" / Gary Gibson
   -"Amazing work" / Kathryn Henry
   -"Fun and beautiful artwork" / Savannah Alice Spencer
   -"Witty, Talented, and a Wheel of Time Fan. All good things." / Robert Bobby Holz
teoWilliam Eterna2 Teo has been tagged as a favorite 48 times.
William is from Singapore
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   -"Inspiration" / Gem Battle
   -"Really amazing work, I would like to continue looking at his work and hopefully any new drawings" / Maylee Ann Yap McLisky
   -"Cool artwork" / John e asbury
   -"Jealous!!" / Anna Saaba Gruhn
   -"A very original artist." / David Sherwin
   -"Amazing creatures en great style!!" / Febe vanhecke
pelickLaura Pelick Siadak has been tagged as a favorite 48 times.
Laura is a know it all geek that should have been born a tree.
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   -"Watercolor gorgeous hair, lots of people and vines and goddesses" / Rachel E De Jager
   -"Emotion filled art" / Johanna Velazquez
   -"Stylized and magical spirits" / Emma Stephenson
   -"Narrative" / Alexandria Flying Salad Bowl
zealHayley M Lazo has been tagged as a favorite 48 times.
Hayley euthanized her faithful Companion Cube faster than any test subject on record
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   -"Great Concepts and Style" / Jason JT Thomas
   -"Such great, diverse ideas. Having your own story on all the characters creates passion for them." / Izzy Mahoney
   -"Amazing people, amazing artwork" / L. 'a warrior!'Holmes
   -"Amazing dragons!" / Martin Albert Dornhäuser
   -"Such a great artist." / Nathalie Nattie Karlsson
   -"Hayley is SO talented, she is fun, very friendly and I'm glad she's my friend! " / Marieka I Welke
redheadnatNatalie Adams has been tagged as a favorite 48 times.
Natalie has nothing interesting to say here! :P time for coffee.
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   -"Natalie has a wonderful range of abilities. " / Genalee Simon
   -"Beautiful art work" / Ashley Walkenbach
   -"It are real cool paintings" / Anne schreurs
   -"Her art looks cool" / Lilian kruz
   -"WINNER 1st place: Enchanted Harvest art contest 2009" / Enchanted Harvest
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