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 Top Favourite Fantasy Artists on Elfwood

These are the favourite publishing members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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jerryJeremy Leach has been tagged as a favorite 39 times.
Jeremy is a freelance illustrator from New Zealand.
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   -"His paints, as well as his pencils, are grounded in this feeling of being tangible and solid; it makes the fantasy within even more believable." / CM Birdbrain Hoskins
   -"Between phantasy & reality" / Anna Regelsberger
   -"A fellow oil painter!" / Gabrielle H
   -"I love pencil art!!" / Mayumi ogihara
samhoggSam 'Zephyri' Hogg has been tagged as a favorite 39 times.
Sam left here a long time ago
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   -"Nice" / Adina R Luxenberg
   -"Wow" / Samantha d stuart
   -"Cool artwork" / John e asbury
   -"Zephyri Hogg, I <3 Her work!" / Slouka Vo
   -"Love all this great work" / Rochelle L Nailor
spyrreRea (Spyrre) Karjalainen has been tagged as a favorite 38 times.
Rea likes mythical creatures and is fascinated by surrealism.
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   -"Love how unique her work is" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"Because of her sculptures" / Sabre wolven
   -"Awesome artwork!!!" / Febe vanhecke
   -"She's just plain awesome." / Saija Inkeri Kankaanpää
   -"I love this artist's depictions of deer and trees. Excellent use of color, too." / Shenandoah S Wrobel
   -"Very good dragons" / Isabel Alana Latham
steadingChris Mills has been tagged as a favorite 38 times.
Chris lives on an island off Scotland, works in a castle and paints fantasy in his spare time.
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   -"I don't normally go for watercolors, but Mr. Mills manages to make them vibrant. Oh, and I love dragons. And Tolkien" / Shenandoah S Wrobel
   -"Amazing colourful, vibrant art with a lot of life and detail. Also, I love the Tolkien theme! " / Anton Ehn
   -"The details are astonishing" / Dora Baias
   -"Dragons!" / Mika Lidström Bursvik
   -"Beautiful pictures" / Vivien Jaquier
farseerJonathan R. Brünner has been tagged as a favorite 38 times.
Jonathan is a BFA in studio art, but only creates out of boredom.
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   -"Lapices variado" / Juan agustin ortega
   -"All of your works are trully wonderfull" / Ziemek Augustyn Ziemba
   -"Perfect black and white" / Antonin Bednarik
   -"Amazing characters, waoouh!" / David Chauvin
   -"Great pen and ink!" / Tiffanie L. Gray
   -"Awesome pics" / Dora Baias
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