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 Top Favourite Fantasy Artists on Elfwood

These are the favourite publishing members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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ceinieCeinwen Fang has been tagged as a favorite 37 times.
Ceinwen is inspired by everybody!
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   -"I really enjoy looking at her work. her unicorns are so realistic and her fairies are so magical" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"Just soooo beautiful horses. . ." / Marie Luca Meyer
   -"Amazing :O :D" / Emilia Daily
   -"Love horses" / Lunyte3 lunyte4 lunasina
   -"Lovely unicorns!" / Alopex Lagopus
   -"I love the inspirations these pics give me!" / Samantha Elizabeth Nott
lottaLotta Tjernström has been tagged as a favorite 37 times.
Lotta lives in Sweden and likes to draw. Now there's an innovative intro blurb for you.
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   -"Beautiful" / Delenn Nisaba Dax
   -"Im not on elfwood long and it is people like you that I aspire to draw like." / Evan Chris Ahearne
   -"Comic style" / Joanne Louise Sheard
   -"Dark angels" / Magdalena Skrabut
   -"Nice" / Timo Decker
   -"Very talented work!!" / Brandy L Peterson
jmsandersJessica M. Sanders has been tagged as a favorite 36 times.
Jessica is a beautiful dreamer.
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   -"She does cool dragons and werewolves!!" / Faith Gerhardt
   -"Amazing artist" / Jenny Whitefeather Leonardsson
   -"I'm not usually a lover of anthros, but Jessica's anthro art is beautiful!!!" / Holly 'Cupid' Fiore
   -"Wonderful artwork" / John e asbury
   -"Because eye-heart-jessica's art :D" / MJ Parker
   -"The pictures have a special light drawn and are in very good detail." / Anca Raluca Sandu
elineE M Spek has been tagged as a favorite 36 times.
E is addicted to Elfwood and in dire need of at least three extra hours in a day.
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   -"Amazing Artwork" / Isabelle Berry
   -"I love her work absolutely love it!" / Jessica Kathryn McGee
   -"Magical things and lovely watercolours" / Michael pixiepie john
   -"Equine Species" / Tabitha R Baylor
   -"Beautiful water coloers" / Kayla M Acosta
petrieKimberley 'Kimbo' Petrie has been tagged as a favorite 36 times.
Kimberley Currently known as Kimbo, AKA Antlered noggin, art student at Enmore, Sydney.
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   -"Second place winner" / John e asbury
   -"Artist" / Rebekah Thorne
   -"Love animals" / No no
   -"New dragon ideas" / Jaclyn Carpenter
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