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 Top Favourite Fantasy Artists on Elfwood

These are the favourite publishing members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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meredithdillmanMeredith kyrn Dillman has been tagged as a favorite 114 times.
Meredith has been drawing fairies and fantasy ever since she could hold a crayon and is a professional fantasy artist and illustrator.
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   -"Another wonderful artist" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"Inspiration" / Adina R Luxenberg
   -"Very detailed work" / Isabel Alana Latham
   -"Beautiful colors and unique styles in every picture" / Genalee Simon
   -"Because she/he does cool arts!" / Toris James Gray
   -"I absolutely love her style and work" / Irene Fernandez
luisaLuisa Kelle has been tagged as a favorite 113 times.
Luisa is somewhere else...
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   -"Her pictures are either funny or beautiful or even both!" / Isabel Alana Latham
   -"Wonderful personification in her animals!" / Monique Briarwood Brown
   -"Inspiring!" / Rae Elizabeth Baker
   -"Animorphs!" / Tiffanie L. Gray
   -"Great work" / Dora Baias
   -"Wonderful watercolour art" / Paula Friederike Dieck
liigaLiiga Smilshkalne has been tagged as a favorite 111 times.
Liiga is a freelancing digital artist that is occasionally open for commissions. E-mail to ask for details. Prints of my artwork available through DA.
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   -"Great Artwork." / Martina Meier
   -"Beautiful work" / Adina R Luxenberg
   -"I love how unique her drawings are" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"There should be more artists like Liiga" / Aurilian Attryneiren
   -"Extremely good use of shading and light. Also, very creative." / JOHN REAGAN ANDERSON
megDiana Cervantes has been tagged as a favorite 110 times.
Diana is an illustrator in California.
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   -"Amazing works " / Jamie Brock
   -"WOOT! CENTAURS! :D" / Lucian Aella
   -"Because I'm not ordinarily a fan of furries, but for her I make exceptions" / Chuck Realmwright Workman
   -"Several favorites in her gallery, and a wide variety of styles too." / Jared T Johnson
   -"Centaurs and anthropomorphic lions" / Ed Silencesinger Spruiell
   -"Lovely and whimsical" / Erin Hill
camilkuoCamille Kuo has been tagged as a favorite 108 times.
Camille she is an full time student and a part time illustrator.
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   -"Art style" / Brittany Amanda Guise
   -"I love the dark feeling to many of your pieces. You also show a lot of versatility." / Holly Lynn Johnson
   -"Very interesting artwork" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"Rich in color and fantasy" / Karen Schwartz West
   -"Whoooooooa!!!!" / Steven edge lord wilson
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