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 Top Favourite Fantasy Artists on Elfwood

These are the favourite publishing members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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camilkuoCamille Kuo has been tagged as a favorite 108 times.
Camille she is an full time student and a part time illustrator.
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   -"Art style" / Brittany Amanda Guise
   -"I love the dark feeling to many of your pieces. You also show a lot of versatility." / Holly Lynn Johnson
   -"Very interesting artwork" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"Rich in color and fantasy" / Karen Schwartz West
   -"Whoooooooa!!!!" / Steven edge lord wilson
socar2Socar Myles has been tagged as a favorite 107 times.
Socar is nobody of particular importance.
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   -"Art" / Julie Ranger
   -"WOW! Unbelievable artist..." / JT Silvestri
   -"Highly creative and detailed pieces." / Aaron M Hover
   -"I very much like the delicacy & character of ink inkwork " / Liz M Kerr
   -"I just want to have you in favorites so that i can always look back at your stupendous stuff." / Brigid M Caley
keiththKeith Thompson has been tagged as a favorite 105 times.
Keith is a freelance fantasy and science fiction illustrator.
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   -"Bizarre" / Jam Lebrilla
   -"Art" / Julie Ranger
   -"Unique style, bursting with ideas that are perfectly executed." / Harry Morris
   -"AWESOMENESS" / Matthew M Murray
   -"I enjoy his style" / Gabrielle H
lilleahwestLilleah Adora West has been tagged as a favorite 102 times.
Lilleah .I make costumes, Fursuits and art for sale! please help my dream of being able to live off of my art come true! commision me today! go to my website http://www.beastcub.com/index.htm to learn more!
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   -"Her imagination doesnt just stop at the paper." / Andrea Lynn Goldstrom
   -"Horses,centars" / Leptictidium nasutum
   -"Just amazing skills! blows my mind!" / Kayleigh Alana Clarke
   -"Fucking awesome artwork ;)" / Alex L Jamilik
christimarieChristina Marie Yen has been tagged as a favorite 102 times.
Christina is a fantasy illustrator who likes to draw dragons and anything with detail.
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   -"Great artwork" / Vekar Arelak
   -"Her work is very intriging" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
   -"Absolutely gorgeous pictures, really creative!" / Kathryn Henry
   -"Beautiful work!" / Sarah Arruda
   -"I like her style!" / Martin Albert Dornhäuser
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