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 Top Favourite Fantasy Artists on Elfwood

These are the favourite publishing members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. The list combines a mix of artists and writers in all areas of Elfwood, including Science Fiction, FanArt and Fantasy.
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jesspeffJessica 'Neon Dragon' Peffer has been tagged as a favorite 394 times.
Jessica is working on becoming an artist. Elfwood is an offsite gallery of mine that I update from time to time for visitors who find it easier to keep track of me here. I do not check my comments here often, nor do I update frequently. For consistent updates and quick replies to communication, please visit my homepage, NeonDragonArt.com. NeonDragonArt.com showcases a larger body of my artwork, as well as tutorials, comics, and a forum/oekaki community. Thank you for visiting my gallery!
    Visit Jessica 'Neon Dragon' Peffer!  
   -"Her artwork has really inspired loads of mine." / Simon Lathron Allen
   -"Beautiful dragons" / Luis Tirado
   -"Great dragon anatomy, and style! " / Luma Barbizam
   -"I like her job" / Ronan arkon monteiro
   -"I love her books" / Chuck Realmwright Workman
   -"I am an avid fan of her art work, and she has been an insperation to me for quite some time." / Warren Phillip Pond III
anahutAnnah Wootten PinÚles has been tagged as a favorite 320 times.
Annah - I only check messages on here periodically, so If you want a commission, or have a related question, please send me an email to hello@annahlouise.com. :)
    Visit Annah Wootten PinÚles!  
   -"Amazing attention to detail" / Jade Jacqueline Hooper
   -"Visionary" / Tali Tjiang
   -"Fantasy" / Jeff k Hamm
   -"Really fantastic work" / Marta Cascales
   -"Great" / Adina R Luxenberg
   -"A very unique and talented artist" / Edith Denise Dyker Price
goldsevenJenny Dolfen has been tagged as a favorite 320 times.
Jenny used to be around a lot, but has mostly left Elfwood since most of her medieval Fantasy doesn't have enough pointy ears according to Elfwood rules. All you'll see here is really old. See her newer works on her blog/gallery .
    Visit Jenny Dolfen!  
   -"This artwork really makes me want to read the Silmarillion again." / Simon Lathron Allen
   -"Helped with my art GCSE" / BluE moon FLowEr
   -"Inspired..." / Marta Cascales
   -"Great watercolors" / Sabrina College
   -"Beautiful" / Adina R Luxenberg
   -"Brilliant skill!" / RE Young
natalia007Natalia P. Gutierrez has been tagged as a favorite 318 times.
Natalia should be doing her homework
    Visit Natalia P. Gutierrez!  
   -"Dragons! ;)" / Myall Hanckel
   -"Dragons. 'Nuff said." / Simon Lathron Allen
   -"Amazing Art" / Luis Tirado
   -"Perfect illuminations, composition and style! Lovely work <3" / Luma Barbizam
   -"DRAGONS" / Adina R Luxenberg
   -"Great dragons" / Gyula Pozsgay
almiraSelina Fenech has been tagged as a favorite 299 times.
Selina has been a full time professional artist since 2002, working in traditional and digital mediums and always in the fantasy genre. Her Elfwood gallery is her oldest online gallery containing some of her earliest works.
    Visit Selina Fenech!  
   -"I love Selina's work!" / Gary Gibson
   -"Wonderful as allways!" / Faith Bailey
   -"Traditional media worker" / Karl Ronas
   -"Because i use acyrlics and would love to be this good" / Garry heath
   -"I really enjoy her fairies! <3" / Sabrina College
   -"Lovely" / Adina R Luxenberg
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