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 Recommended SciFi and Fantasy stories

These are the favourite stories created by the members of Elfwood. The list is based on the number of times they have been selected as favourites by the Elfwood community. It's a mix of short and long writings from the Wyvern's Library of Elfwood, containing Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy writings.
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This writing by Brian Buckley has been tagged as a favorite 141 times.
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   -"Very funny, though I feel sorry for Merlin" / Jimmy Shanahan Brandt
   -"It's humorous and well written." / Megan Elvina Lee
   -"I laughed trough the hole thing, there is a greate rythem and humor to it, I even like the "suprise" ending." / Heart narsisia foxglove Salaman
   -"Very nice. made me laugh." / Coop Z Dahoop
   -"Funny!" / Casandra l.johnsen
   -"Absoloutly Tolkien-Worthy!!!! Brilliant! Fantastic! Spectacular!" / Kate Tralanour Crippen
This writing by Matthew T. Summers has been tagged as a favorite 64 times.
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   -"That was amazing! Flat-out amazing!" / Coop Z Dahoop
   -"Amazing work from Matt Summers. His stories are always absolutely incredible!" / Deborah Cullins Smith
This writing by Jess Hyslop has been tagged as a favorite 42 times.
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   -"It has such voice and flow. i anticipate every step...plus it's funny!" / Cassidy elaine
   -"Grabs the reader and pulls them into the fun story right from the first sentence!" / Erin M Latimer
   -"It is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Y'all should read it!" / Mariposa Gollery
   -"Love it! ^^" / SiehYean Kiew
   -"The funniest vampire story ever! Gotta love Rupert..." / Annika Secker
   -"Having read all nine parts of this that exist so far, I have to say I'm amused at the play on various vampire cliches. I want to keep an eye out for when she writes the next few parts!" / Heather L. Kidd
This writing by Ethan Childress has been tagged as a favorite 35 times.
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   -"Delightfully snarky, good worldbuilding. <3" / Lily Firiel Archer
   -"Good story to read" / Gianna Lopez
   -"Great rhyme and use of repetition" / Genalee Simon
   -"Love love love! Good tempo" / Genalee Simon
This writing by Jessica Warner has been tagged as a favorite 29 times.
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   -"How would I ever save the day without it?" / Bethan Zabeth LW Jones
   -"Another fab peice of work here - check it out man!" / Richard legend laws
   -"Just excellent :D" / Désirée Dippenaar
   -"Itll make you giggle" / Syn Nykols
   -"Dire need for promised wishes" / Toni Dee Williams
This writing by Megan Proverbs has been tagged as a favorite 27 times.
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   -"Good read. Good write" / Christopher M Cosby
   -"Love the way it flows" / Winter Avora Blackmoore
   -"Morissa" / Anne Wickel
   -"Wonderful beginning to a fairytale" / Samantha S. Sliwa
   -"Finaly-a good story :) I love it." / Leah Ferne Reed
   -"Megan Proverbs" / Jo "Besson" Wanfried
This writing by A.R. George has been tagged as a favorite 27 times.
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   -"A siege story. Different." / Ashley R. Wynn
   -"To be honest, I've been keeping my love for this story a bit subdued just for Alyssa's sake. I don't want her to get distracted while she works on Soulfire. But this is magnificent. Tintauri's such a cold little jerk." / Jon Midget
This writing by Kathryn Kade Gromowski has been tagged as a favorite 24 times.
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   -"Beautiful writing, humorous, descriptive and full of detail. Wonderful." / Daniel 'Bear' Houghton
   -"I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!! It is amazing ,everyone has to read it or else! The characters are so...real. They act like real people and I love it. If she ever gets her book published, I'm buying it!" / Rachel N. LeBeane
   -"Read Shaysiris! That's an order! No, really...This piece of fantasy held me in thrall for several weeks...It's just so detailed and life-like! Best love story ever!" / Marijke Mahieu
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